RAID@3051 Inc is a community group formed in 2011 to respond to the proposed Woolworths development in the residential area bounded by Macaulay Road and Canning St, North Melbourne.  RAID is concerned about the impact of increased density, rapid increase in population and traffic on the already overstretched community infrastructure. RAID is seeking immediate traffic calming measures to make the area safer for pedestrians.  RAID is also urging the City of Melbourne and State planning bodies to lock in a range of open spaces in all future developments. We continue to lobby the City of Melbourne for Gardiners Reserve to be enlarged and for the immediate provision of a community hub in the Hotham Hill area and in all new precincts.

Residents About Integrated Development (RAID@3051) considers future planning needs to include not only physical infrastructure but also enhancement of transport, heritage building and streetscapes and proactive planning of community infrastructure- active and passive recreation, education, community services, landscaping, affordable housing, library and flexible community spaces, etc.)

RAID endeavors to work constructively with all involved in 3051

 RAID is strongly committed to stakeholder engagement.

CONTACT: raid3051@gmail.com

Breaking news on local High School

University High School boundaries tripled to include all the CBD, parts of Southbank and the Docklands from just North Melbourne, Carlton, Parkville and the northern end of the CBD. The Minister acts without any consultation with the Principal or School Council, no strategy or finances for facilities have been offered to service this huge expansion of the zone. It is reported that in 2017 there will be 200 students in year 7 alone based on the current zone, is this going to place yet another enormous stress on our school community?

3051 Public High School State School

3051 Public High School

Resources arising from the Arden Vision and Apartment Consultations

RAiDers interested in the Arden Vision can down load the PDF published and discussed at the well attended Buncle Street meeting here 2016 Draft Arden Vision and Framework_low res

If you want to understand the current thinking on apartment building sizes and standards with in the State Govt You can access this PDF Better_Apartments_Draft_Design_Standards August2016

November 2014 Raid update

Dear Neighbours – four items for your information.


1.       Woolworths site: there is no further update on the status of the ‘Under Offer’ sign which remains on the For Sale boards on the site.


2.       Access to information about the E-W Link – the following Victorian government link provides information about the E-W Link developments – refer tohttp://news.linkingmelbourne.vic.gov.au/link/id/zzzz5444aebb13b73640Pzzzz526df56089319022/page.html

Other sources – refer to the local and mainstream press and via community group websites and blogs.


3.       RAID presentation to the New Residential Zones Advisory Panel. As mentioned in the last email update (8/10/14) Peter Hogg represented RAID at the Panel on September 17. Attached is a copy of the Powerpoint used to guide the presentation.RAID 3051 Planning Zone Changes FINAL


4.       Baptist Church site. A planning permit for the Baptist Church site in King Street, West Melbourne was approved by Council at its meeting on October 15.  The planning permit identifies 30 conditions pertaining to the permit.


Great plans for the landscaping of the former Children’s Hospital site

Great plans available for the return of the former hospital land on Flemington Road to Royal Park, looks great. You can look at or down load the document here www.returntoroyalpark.com.au/document/show/21 (the file is a big one, too big for our little website but loads quickly from the link above).


Landscaping plans for the return to Royal Park of the former Children's Hospital lands.

Landscaping plans for the return to Royal Park of the former Children’s Hospital lands.



RAiD 3051 Easter 2014 update

Dear Neighbours – an update on recent activities and some upcoming events of interest

  1. The RAID AGM held on Wednesday, March 26 at the NMFC Auditorium was attended by nearly 30 members with apologies registered for a similar number.  Key points from the AGM included:

Chairman’s report covering the following:

  • Report on RAID’s strong and credible campaign at VCAT in early 2013 and RAID’s ongoing oversight in monitoring the Woolworths development and other developments in the local area to highlight direct and indirect impacts on amenity and infrastructure shortfalls.
  • Acknowledgement of the ongoing support and generous donations from RAID members, supporters, local community and the largely probono legal representation provided by Jane Good, Brand Partners in preparing the RAID case at VCAT and Ian Munt in presenting our case over 5 days at VCAT;
  • Recognition of the support of the City of Melbourne generally and current and previous Councillors – current Crs, Oke& Ong and previous Crs Kanis  & Shanahan – at VCAT;
  • Recent contact made with Woolworths as to the status of the proposed development.  It is noted that the site has been advertised ‘for sale by tender’ with a closing date of mid April.  The conditions of sale are a 20-year lease back of the supermarket component to Woolworths;
  • Members present supported RAID’s membership of the newly formed Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance (IMPA).  This is an umbrella group formed to attempt to provide better leverage with government, developers and local councils for the community and to act as a source of information for local community planning groups.

Treasurer’s report: Peter Keogh presented a comprehensive financial report advising that combined membership and donations to the VCAT appeal totalled just under $10,000 thanks to our generous members and donors.  With expenses paid RAID commences the financial year post the AGM with approximately $300.00. in the bank..

Committee members elected at the AGM were: Tess Demediuk (Secretary), Lorna Hannan, Peter Hogg (Chair), Peter Keogh (Treasurer), Marg Leser and Peter Topping.

Please do not hesitate to make contact should you wish to join the committee.

Renewal of membership: attached is both a membership renewal form and a form for new members.  Please download the appropriate form, fill in, include your membership fee – $1.00 for renewal or $2.00 (joining fee and membership fee) for new memberships and send to PO Box 2007, Hotham Hill or drop off at 42 Canning Street.

  1. RAID Chair, Peter Hogg, presented to the East West Link Panel Hearing on Tuesday, April 1 and argued that the proposal in its present form fails the evidence based design test in the following ways and should not proceed at this time without further investigation:

·         Cost benefit analysis is not robust

·         Inconsistencies in air quality predictions

·         The Urban Design Framework used is inadequate and misleading

·         Further work is required and additional options explored and costed

·         Further investigation into the impact on remnant natural ecosystems eg. Moonee Ponds Creek, is required

·         Further exploration of negative impacts on local amenity and environment required.

  1. City of Melbourne (CoM) changes to Residential Zoning – this is an important development initiated by the Victorian Government which could significantly impact on the current zoning arrangements across Melbourne.  The new Residential Zones will determine the type of residential development and types of activities that will be allowed in residential areas, what areas can accommodate housing growth and where existing neighbourhood character will be protected.  There are three new residential zones with the CoM Officers proposing the whole municipality be zoned General Residential:

·         Neighbourhood Residential Zone – limits housing growth and density

·         General Residential Zone – allows modest housing growth and diversity that respects the neighbourhood character

·         Residential Growth Zone – supports housing growth and diversity.

For more information and to provide feedback access melbourne.vic.gov.au/participate or contact the CoM on 9658 9658.

A meeting, hosted by the North and West Melbourne Association (N&WMA) is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15 at 6.30 pm at the Bastow Institute, 601 Queensberry St (enter from Union St).  David Mayes, Manager Strategic Planning at City of Melbourne, will be presenting on the New Residential Zones.  Take this opportunity to hear directly from CoM staff and to raise any concerns you have about the potential impact of the proposed new Residential Zones.

4.       Other developments – RAID members are advised that a recent planning permit for 1 Shiel St, North Melbourne has been submitted to Council.  This site was subject to a planning application of 6 storeys – which was approved by the City of Melbourne in 2013.  Note that RAID submitted an objection to the 6 storey development on the grounds of height and scale amongst other matters. The new application is understood to be for a 10 storey development – we will keep you informed if the application progresses.

5.      RAID has been asked to advise its members that a new community group has come together under the banner – NWMelbourne – to specifically take action on the proposed development by Eighth Day Baptist Community Property Ltd which has lodged a planning permit application with the City of Melbourne for 4 multi-level residential apartment buildings of 4, 5 and 6 storeys each, a large function hall and a retail shop for the site bounded by Miller, Curzon, King and Hawke Streets in West Melbourne. If this is approved the building will be up to 21 metres in height – the site is at the south end of Errol Street.  Information about the group and for registering an objection to this West Melbourne development is on their website – refer to http://nwmelbourne.com

We look forward to your continued support and would be pleased to receive your suggestions and feedback.



T D on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc

RAiD Function at the Errol Street Park Opening

A great turn out on a humid afternoon to the official opening of the new park next to Errol St Primary School. The Park was opened by the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Councillors Ken Ong and Cathy Oak were also in attendance.

RAiD 3051 met for a final time after the official opening at the park to offer thanks to all those who have helped us get to VCAT and to answer community questions before the hearing. It was great to see Cath Bowtell candidate Labor for Melbourne & Adam Bandt current Member for Melbourne both there showing support.

RAiD 3051 members meet and have a Q&A with the public

RAiD 3051 members meet and have a Q&A with the public

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 008

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 009

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 010

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 011

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 012

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 013

Raid Latest news and Dash for Cash

Dear Neighbours – happy new year to all. We are now only four weeks from the VCAT hearing date.

RAID together with the City of Melbourne and other community members are appealing against the permit issued by the State Planning Minister Matthew Guy to Woolworths to build a supermarket, retail shops, two residential towers comprising 304 apartments and a packaged liquor sales outlet.

The RAID planning group has continued to collect information to support our position at the VCAT hearing scheduled for the last week of February.  As previously advised Jane Good of Brand Partners is facilitating the preparation of the RAID case on a pro bono basis.  However there are significant costs associated with expert representation to ensure that the community position against the grounds of appeal are well presented at the VCAT hearing and final arrangements are underway to engage such expertise.

RAiD is seeking donations to fund our quest for a smaller supermarket proposal

RAiD is seeking donations to fund our quest for a smaller Woolworths supermarket proposal with lower towers and some planning gain for North Melbourne residents.

Therefore we are seeking further donations to the RAID VCAT Appeal Fund.  Firstly, our thanks to all community members who have made a contribution to date.  However we are several thousand dollars short of our $10,000 target and now seek your support for meeting this target.  So if you are able to assist with a contribution there are three ways for this to occur:

Donate to RAID@3051 Inc.

1. RAID @ 3051 Inc. is registered for e-donation with GiveNow.com.

Make an e-donation at http://www.givenow.com.au/raidat3051

If you have any problems or you would like a receipt remember to Email us at RAID3051@gmail.com, if you would like a receipt we would be delighted to post you one, please make your payment reference clear and your address.

  • RAiD@3051 is a community run organisation that advocates for integrated town planning and urban design which integrates future development of North Melbourne (3051) with existing neighbourhood amenity, environmental sustainability, public transport and optimises  access  to a range of critical  community related facilities.Initial targets of RAiD@3051 advocacy include response to planning proposals that would result in excessive population densities, height or social externalities.
    RAID@3051 advocacy includes litigation at Tribunals (eg VCAT) resulting in expenses related to filing fees, expert witnesses, specialist reports). Although members of the community voluntarily contribute many ‘pro-bono’ hours there are significant ‘hard’ costs that must be paid for through fundraising and voluntary contributions.
  • Are donations tax deductible? No (Not applicable as RAID is a not for profit organisation)
  • Will I receive a receipt for my donation?  Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved

Note: the GIVENOW site was established for processing of donations to not-for- profit organisations. This donations facility is a commission-free service: it takes NO commission or fees for the service it provides. GiveNow.com.au does not use any  donor details in any way.

2. Electronic transfer to the RAID bank account using the following details. Please include your name so that a receipt can be issued.
Bank: MECU (Bankmecu)
Account name
Residents About Integrated Development at 3051
BSB: 313-140
Account No. 12035276

If you have any problems or you would like a receipt remember to Email us at RAID3051@gmail.com, if you would like a receipt we would be delighted to post you one, please make your payment reference clear and your address.
3. Drop off cash or cheque made out to RAID @ 3051 Inc. – please advise by return email if this is your preferred option and arrangements for pick-up/drop-off will be made directly with you.

FINALLY: there is a new RAID poster available for distribution.  It promotes the simple message – “NO WOOLWORTHS TOWERS’.  It would be great to have these posters spread across the local street on walls, in windows etc. over the next few weeks. Please advise by return email if you would like to collect one for your property.

The VCAT timeline is looming.  The VCAT Hearing is in 4 weeks.  Your ongoing support is critical.


AGM Update Reminder 04 Dec at the NM footy club.

The RAiD 3051 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is listed for December 4 2012 commencing at 6.00 pm at the North Melbourne Football Club (Arden St entrance).

Residents About Integrated Development - MCC are listening but Woolworths are not listening

Residents About Integrated Development – MCC are listening but Woolworths are not listening – Moderation is smaller with restricted packaged booze sales, simple!

The timing of the AGM will enable a full report of the mediation proceeding to be given to the meeting.

Attached for your information are an AGM agenda and RAID committee nomination form.  There are seven (7) positions vacant:


a.       Chairperson

b.      Vice-chairperson

c.       Treasurer

d.      Secretary

e.      Three (3) Ordinary members


The executive are keen for new support so step up and have a go.

Please forward your signed nomination form to me as RAID’s Public

Officer at 431 Dryburgh Street, North Melbourne or return email – RAiD3051@gmail.com

Down Load your nomination here.

Not a member and you would like to participate down load a RAiD 3051 membership form here it is the best $2 you will ever spend.

We WILL take nominations on the day, all are welcome to apply so if you feel you have the passion please step up you will be welcome.



RAiD 3051 vs Woolworths VCAT Oct update

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT

Dear Neighbours – items of update regarding action in the RAID VCAT appeal.

1.       Jane Good represented RAID @ 3051 Inc at a VCAT *Practice Day

Hearing* on September 21 and the following order was subsequently advised by VCAT Deputy President, Helen Gibson regarding hearing and mediation dates:

– *Mediation *(3 hours duration) set for *December 4 at 10.00 am*

– *Hearing *(only if the proceeding is not fully settled beforehand by consent or at mediation) *set for February 25th for seven days.*

Our *thanks to Jane Good* for her continued support and advocacy for the RAID position and liaison with Melbourne City Council who are also appellants at VCAT.

2.       The RAID Planning Group is working on *building an evidence base*to support the preferred position for better integrated development of a significantly lesser scale than what has been approved at this time.

This includes, but is not exclusive to, social infrastructure issues (provision of education, health and recreation services); availability of alcohol and the impact of packaged alcohol sales on communities; and traffic and parking issues generated by the proposed development.  RAID members are encouraged to provide any research reports, insights or expertise to assist with preparing the evidence.  Please respond by return email and we will follow up with you.

3.       Thank you for your support – our focus is on increasing our *membership*.  Attached is the membership form to download, fill in and drop off with $2.00 ($1.00 membership and $1.00 annual fee) to 42 Canning St.  Please provide an email address and confirmation that membership has been received will be provided.

4.       Thank you for *donations* that have been received.  We have a way to go in reaching our $10,000 target (as advised in email update 32) any contribution to assist us in moving closer to this target is very welcome.  Our case to VCAT will be best supported by engaging expert witnesses who can prepare and present a strong case and be cross-examined.

5.       Thank you to Kate Ritchie of Chin Communications Pty Ltd, a who has *translated the RAID flyer into a Chinese language.  *This will assist in providing information about the development to members of our diverse community.

6. The next steps and ongoing action include:

– RAID membership drive

– RAID posters are still available – put one up in your front window

– Make a donation to the RAID VCAT appeal

– Send your thoughts on a fund-raising event for late October/November

and your availability to assist in planning the event

– Let us know if you have expertise in any of the grounds of appeal

areas. *Your ongoing support is vital.  We look forward to your feedback*.

Keep up-to-date by referring to the RAID @3051 website –