Resources arising from the Arden Vision and Apartment Consultations

RAiDers interested in the Arden Vision can down load the PDF published and discussed at the well attended Buncle Street meeting here 2016 Draft Arden Vision and Framework_low res

If you want to understand the current thinking on apartment building sizes and standards with in the State Govt You can access this PDF Better_Apartments_Draft_Design_Standards August2016

Confirmation – New School from North Melbourne planned.

Down in paragraph three the Minister confirms a new school is planned for North Melbourne.

Four New Schools For Melbourne’s Inner City Families

11th Oct 2016

More than 5,000 new student places will be created for Melbourne families, with a further three new primary schools and a high school to be built in the inner city.

Minister for Education James Merlino and Member for Albert Park Martin Foley today released the Docklands School Provision Review and Stage 2 of the Andrews Labor Government’s Inner City Schools Package in response.

The Labor Government will build a new primary school at Docklands, with work to start immediately on acquiring the site. Planning will also start on a new primary and secondary school at Fishermans Bend and a new primary school at North Melbourne.

More than 90,000 students are forecast to enter Victorian schools over the next five years due to Victoria’s population boom and there is a growing demand for new schools in Melbourne’s inner city.

The Labor Government has already delivered a record $1.8 billion to build 42 new schools and upgrade hundreds more across the state to meet this enrolment demand. Under Stage 2 of the Inner city Schools Package announced today, the Government will also:

  • Build a new Docklands primary school with work to start immediately on acquiring a site
  • Identify sites and start planning for a new primary school at North Melbourne
  • Identify sites for both a primary and secondary school at Fishermans Bend
  • Secure a site to expand Albert Park College and provide five extra classrooms
  • Deliver the remaining funding for South Melbourne Park Primary School and Prahran High School
  • Open the new Richmond High School and Ferrars Street Primary School in 2018.

The Principal of Ferrars Street Primary School – the new vertical school at South Melbourne – will also be appointed 12 months before the school opens so local families can get enrolment support well in advance.

Inner city enrolment boundaries will also be changed so Docklands families will be able to send their children to Ferrars Street Primary School and University High School.

The Andrews Labor Government is building the Education State so every Victorian student has the opportunity for a great education and every community has access to a great school – no matter where they live.

The Docklands School Provision Review is available at:

October Update Arden Vision Apartment Standards & City Elections

1. Arden Vision and Framework consultation forum

The draft Arden Vision and Framework has been released (refer attachments) and the following consultation forums facilitated by are scheduled for community and business to have a say on what is being proposed

  • Community Forum: scheduled for 6pm – 7:30pm Wednesday 5 October 2016 at North Melbourne Community Centre 49 Buncle Street (Main Entrance via Mark St)
  • Business Forum 7.30am – 9am, Tuesday 4 October 2016 at North Melbourne Football Club.

For more information and to RSVP your attendance register at the link: Shape Victoria 


2. Better Apartment Standards – draft standards (refer attached) have been released.  RAID (and individual RAID members) have provided feedback on the standards with the key issues identified by RAID being: in principle support for the proposed Apartment standards and anxious that they do not get watered down due to pressure from the housing and development industries with the following amendments recommended:

1.       developers should be bound by minimum sizes for units and flats unless they can demonstrate that the design meets the objectives of the standards in other ways.

2.       propose that minimum room sizes should be established and suggest that 12 square meters for a bedroom is not an unreasonable minimum, with 40 square meters allowed for a single bedroom flat, and 55 square meters for a 2 bedroom flat as reasonable minimums. At minimum all rooms and all designs be fit for purpose.

3.       RAID does not support the stipulation that only 60% of dwellings with a finished floor level less than 35 meters in height: in our view ALL dwellings should have good natural ventilation.

3: City of Melbourne Council Election: October 2016: RAID has forwarded a set of questions to all candidates focused on key issues to support positive community outcomes in the context of significant growth in housing stock in our community including:

  • provision of childcare and local government primary schools
  • provision of open space and sporting fields
  • strategies for maximising use of public transport and reducing traffic congestion
  • how they will engage in timely and meaningful consultation with the community and stakeholders.

Responses received by the requested date of 30/9 will be compiled and distributed to the RAID email list early next week.

Update 1 Shiel St development.

Dear RAIDers – disappointing outcome from last night’s FMC meeting – Council approved the development without change or recognition of the issues raised.

Old View 2013

Image from Planning Permit TP-2014-115 for 1 Shiel St North Melbourne 3051

Planning Permit TP-2014-115 for 1 Shiel St North Melbourne 3051

New Son of 2013 next to the purple monster in 2014.

1 Shiel Street the new version 2014, note next door bulk and absence of a 15 meter 5 Shiel St development.

Newly approved by MCC, 1 Shiel Street the new version 2014, note next door bulk and absence of a 15 meter 5 Shiel St development.


  • This was Council’s opportunity to put into practice their policy with regard to parks, amenity, height limits, planning gain and they failed at the first hurdle.

We appreciated that Rohan Leppert spoke against the Motion and foreshadowed  an alternative Motion (supported by Cathy Oke) – to reduce the level by one storey – ‘deletion of level 3 or 4’ to conform with C190 ie 10.5 and 14.0 metres.  This did not get to be put to the vote as the original Motion was carried 7 to 2 (Leppert and Oke).

The RAiD committee will meet Sunday night to prepare for the new Residential Zone Panel Hearing scheduled for mid September and to discuss other matters.

Woods 5 Shiel Street, Next for high rise? Will the MCC listen to residents?

Woods 5 Shiel Street, Next for high rise? Will the MCC listen to residents?

Breaking news the Woolworths site for sale!

In breaking news after winning permission to build big, to build high, to sell liquor for extended hours Woolworths have nominated the site for sale with pre approved plans and an offer of a 20 year lease, wow. Would love to know the ins and outs of that move.

Here is the link to the commercial property page. Complete with the scary summary of just how many cars and apartments they have permission for.


Woolworths North Melbourne community struggle

After an 18 month battle with the community Woolworths have put up their North Melbourne site for sale to another developer!





Impact of the East West Road Tunnel on the inner North & West

This great map from the Kensington Association clearly demonstrates the impact of the proposed off ramp in Arden Street and the inner North & West. With no clear mandate to develop this road and with the benefit costing analysis hidden behind a Machiavellian manipulation of process (by making them confidential to a PPP agreement) it is important to get the, “not on my watch”‘ message out there. So print and stick, post and share, get your neighbours talking and if you are up for it ask your candidates about the Federal support for this State based madness.

You can link to the original here:


The impacts of the East West Tunnel and Arden Street off ramp, act now.

The impacts of the East West Tunnel and Arden Street off ramp, act now.

June 14 Update from RAiD

Dear Neighbours – a quick update on the status of the post-VCAT decision.

1. As advised in RAID email update 48, VCAT released its decision on Friday, May 17, 2013 and recommended to approve the Woolworths development with no substantive changes to the features important to our community – the towers remain with no reduction in height; liquor availability conditions and sales are unchanged and the impact of the development on the community – transport, parking, traffic – was not considered to be significant.


2. Following this, an analysis of the VCAT decision was undertaken by Brand Partners, RAID’s pro bono legal team, who advised of potential points of law to be tested in the Supreme Court.  Given the nature and potential cost of such action RAID has liaised with the MCC to determine their position as to an appeal.  We have been advised that the MCC legal advice does not support an appeal to the Supreme Court.

3. Cr Ong as Chair of Council’s Planning Committee has agreed to provide a written response on Council’s position for circulation to the RAID community.

4. We are continuing to work with the MCC to ensure that the details in the VCAT decision, including the conditions identified, are accurately reflected in the report and are also discussing mitigation strategies associated with the recognised impact of the development eg. parking, traffic management.

5. RAID has sent out media releases to the Age, the Weekly and Leader.  Thank you to community members who attended the photo shoot for the local papers onsite on May 21.  Refer to the attached photo taken by a RAID member on the day.

We will continue to keep you posted on developments via email updates and the website.


Tess Demediuk

on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc.

If the futures so bright do I need to wear shades?


With the avalanche of news I can’t decide if the sound track to RAiD3051 should be Gloria Gaynor or something deep & dark by Nick Cave? In the last few weeks we believe VCAT have erred in law with their ruling but have no funding to challenge it.  The initiative to lift the height limits along Boundary Road potentially blows 2.5 years of work on a structure plan out of the window. Finally today it is an untested plan for a school and a park in the Boundary Road area. Yes we are bent but we are unbowed.


I admit to feeling confused and some what torn over today’s announcement as the list of community facilities sounds like a dream –  schools, parks, health services etc and that is what integrated development is all about – good social outcomes for the whole community. But the real issue is trust. Governments at various levels have promised if there is development we will get an underground metro station.  What we have got is the development and the problematic issues that go with it and no metro station in sight within a decade.


Here is the link to the article in the Age. Remember it is not necessarily entirely factual what is reported.  It is more like somewhere between journalism, a press shot, marketing & PR.  Make your own mind up a in the mean time when we say “No Towers” at Vaughan Terrace & Canning Street we still mean it as everything should be judged on it merits. I detect lively discussions a head. 

RAiD3051 its about scale and services

Still no to towers at the corner of canning & vaughan terrace

Press Release the RAiD 3051 response to VCAT finding in favour of Woolworths

R.A.I.D. 3051 Media Release – 21 May 2013

RAID@3051 was stunned by the VCAT decision released late on Friday, May 17 2013 in which VCAT upheld the Minister for Planning’s decision to grant a permit for the North Melbourne Woolworths development, subject only to minor variations. Whilst RAID@3051 acknowledges that the Woolworths development comes at a time when North Melbourne and the Melbourne Planning Scheme are undergoing significant change, RAID@3051 had hoped that VCAT would give some consideration to the concerns expressed by the community and Council.

Instead, VCAT has dismissed outright RAID (and Council’s) major concerns as to incompatibility of height with the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan, stating that “on many levels this proposal will ‘lead the way’ in terms of the urban renewal that is sought in this precinct, in a manner that achieves a high level of architectural merit and urban design outcomes… We find that the overwhelming opportunity that this site presents to achieve a substantial intensification of development in a location which is extremely well serviced, must be given greater weight than any desire to achieve a development that respects the existing scale of development in the surrounding neighbourhood (refer paragraphs 23 and 14: P2313 2012 Melbourne CC v Minister for Planning (md mp 170513).

RAID is astounded that the Tribunal members praised the Woolworths proposal, given the obvious short comings identified by the community. This decision has trashed good urban design principles and the years of work by Council in developing the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan – a plan which would have established a 30 year vision for the sustainable growth of the area and which is yet to be implemented into the Melbourne Planning Scheme. VCAT completely ignored RAID@3051’s and Council’s main submission and the clear direction set out in Amendment C162 (and recommended by the Planning Panel) that until the objectives and strategies of approved structure plans are approved and implemented via a planning scheme amendment, the existing local policies for the area will apply. Although, the Tribunal conceded that the development did not comply with the existing local policies.

VCAT’s decision represents a planning outcome which is inconsistent with the strategic direction, policies and controls currently being implemented by Council. More importantly, it undermines the strategic planning process and usurps the power of Council, its panels, submitters and the Minister to plan for the Arden-Macaulay area. There must be no doubt that VCAT’s decision sets a disastrous precedent for planning in the City of Melbourne and more particularly in North Melbourne, and that it has further shaken the community’s faith in the planning processes in this state and in VCAT itself.

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This decision opens the gate for the Arden Macaulay precinct to become the new Docklands, an area now universally considered to have serious shortcomings. Whilst the Planning Minister seems determined to repeat the failures of Docklands and ignore its lessons about how NOT to effect urban renewal, RAID@3051 is determined that these mistakes will not be repeated.

RAID@3051 has advice that the decision of VCAT failed to take into account relevant considerations and that the decision can and should be appealed to the Supreme Court. RAID@3051 will be lobbying the Lord Mayor and the Melbourne City Council to pursue an appeal, which we believe would be successful. Any appeal must be lodged within 10 days of the decision issued by VCAT on 17 May 2013.

For further comment or follow up questions please contact Peter Hogg of RAID on telephone 0400 784 779.

Peter Hogg

Chair RAID@3051

A little bit of logic please

Once again the press have drawn attention to the dangers of flooding in parts of North Melbourne with only a small rise in sea levels. Here is the latest missive: .

The logic of it all is beyond me, the North Melbourne area referred to in this article is one that the planning minister Matthew Guy has identified as a development zone with 30 meter highrise developments. The underground car parking could get interesting in period of floods! The tidal reach of the Monee Ponds Creek runs all the way to just short of Racecourse Road which is deceptive as it seems too far into the city to be tidal,this also means the ground water is very close to the surface in the area around the Arden St Oval  which traditionally has no tall buildings, as it was a bog, thus left as open space to become a footy ground and light industrial.

The Brits relaxed the, “no domestic construction in flood planes” regulations in the 90s and in the last few years have seen the expensive results.

We shouldnt have to bail these people out with public works and higher insurance premiums if we know in advance it will be a problem. We have the knowledge and skills so we can plan ahead with a land use pattern which will be more suitable to occasional flooding, unless of course you believe sea level rising is just some “greenie” nonsense or don’t simply care.