Traffic Concerns Update – North Melbourne Woolworths

Proposed Speed Bump Map and Speed Limit 3051

Proposed Speed Bump Map and Speed Limit 3051

Traffic management update:  Traffic management is one of the major issues RAID has been raising with the City of Melbourne Officers and Councillors, in particular Cr Oke, in relation to the Woolworths site and the Haines/Shiel Street developments.

The following update is taken from the CoM website (19/8/16) and identifies the measures supported by the CoM.  A link at the end takes you to a map where the traffic calming measures apply.  Refer to the CoM site for this and further updates:


Residents have expressed concerns over the possible impact on residential amenity from the proposed North Melbourne Woolworths development site, both during its construction and following its completion. City of Melbourne has a number of measures either in place or planned to mitigate the impact.

The following traffic management measures are proposed in the vicinity of the Woolworths site:

  • traffic calming treatments in Shiel Street, subject to the support by the residents in the street
  • raised pedestrian crossings in Haines Street and Shiel Street at the Haines Street / Shiel Street / Dryburgh Street roundabout
  • 40 km/h speed limit in Shiel Street and Haines Street
  • extension of the 40 km/h speed limit in Melrose Street to whole of street
  • upgrade of the existing bicycle lane in Haines Street between Dryburgh Street and Errol Streets
  • improved two-way bicycle connection from Macaulay Road to Canning Street
  • proposed bicycle lane east of Buncle Street.

A number of traffic management measures and bicycle works have recently been installed and are proposed in the North Melbourne area. View the map of traffic calming measures in North Melbourne (PDF 561 KB).

 Or you can access it in our site on the following link Raid map-traffic-measures-north-melbourne

The Monnee Ponds Creek

The Linear Park Moonee Ponds Creek as projected before and after from The Age online 11/11/2013 rumour has it that business’s on the banks being acquired have been told to be out by June. So this is the creeks last hazzah, last summer and last Autumn under grass. You can follow the follow the hearings via the blog by Rose Isner:

I would like to thank every one involved with Creek over the last decade for enhancing the quality of my life it was not in vain we enjoyed the work immensely and so did the native wildlife and ferals.

As fetured in

Hearing now on for the East West Link this is the Moonee Ponds Creek Linear Park as projected after the East West Link is built in the Age 11/11/2013

Moonee Ponds Creek as shown in the Age Online 11/11/2013 before the East West Freeway

Breaking news the Woolworths site for sale!

In breaking news after winning permission to build big, to build high, to sell liquor for extended hours Woolworths have nominated the site for sale with pre approved plans and an offer of a 20 year lease, wow. Would love to know the ins and outs of that move.

Here is the link to the commercial property page. Complete with the scary summary of just how many cars and apartments they have permission for.


Woolworths North Melbourne community struggle

After an 18 month battle with the community Woolworths have put up their North Melbourne site for sale to another developer!





Derby Day Tunnel Protest

Protest the East West Tunnel Development on Derby Day. Date: Saturday 02 November Time :from 1030, Location; on the City side of Racecourse Road and by the Quest Hotel Epsom Road. Dress code: black & white more Details:

Protest the EastWest link 02 Nov 2013

Protest the EastWest link 02 Nov 2013

Impact of the East West Road Tunnel on the inner North & West

This great map from the Kensington Association clearly demonstrates the impact of the proposed off ramp in Arden Street and the inner North & West. With no clear mandate to develop this road and with the benefit costing analysis hidden behind a Machiavellian manipulation of process (by making them confidential to a PPP agreement) it is important to get the, “not on my watch”‘ message out there. So print and stick, post and share, get your neighbours talking and if you are up for it ask your candidates about the Federal support for this State based madness.

You can link to the original here:


The impacts of the East West Tunnel and Arden Street off ramp, act now.

The impacts of the East West Tunnel and Arden Street off ramp, act now.

Canning Street 3051

I found these pictures on Bing when looking for shots of North Melbourne there was no attribution on 79 Canning St but at RAiD 3051 we love to hear from anyone who can tell us anything about it. I note the low rise medium density housing has not be built yet. The other photo is from a government archive of a Red Rattle crossing Macaulay Road.

79 Canning St in days gone by we would love to know the story of this photo

79 Canning St in days gone by we would love to know the story of this photo

Macaulay Road Rail Crossing

Macaulay Road Rail Crossing

Woolworths size and scale

If you are unsure what having the Woolworths towers on Canning St and Vaughan Tce will be like then check out this great photo sent to the website by a RAider, Megan. It is bigger than ours but not by much. This is the Woolworths South Yarra (the black tower) which is 428 apartments, ours is two towers and 330 apartments.

So share the photo and spread the word folks.

I mean just look at its impact on the skyline let alone , the shadow over Claytons Reserve dog park, the traffic and the litter, visually in my opinion it is way out of scale.

Send the snap to your friends as this is coming to Vaughan Terrace unless we do something about it.


Blight on the landscape

Blight on the landscape

As our planned city threatens to spill into poorly structured chaos, there is hope.

As our planned city threatens to spill into poorly structured chaos, there is hope & inspiration in two places this Friday afternoon 23 Nov.

At the Victorian Archives in the shadow of Woolworths highly contested & controversial Canning St proposal for a supermarket with monster towers the Victorian Archives on Sheil St are running a free exhibition of the competition to design Canberra. The passion, forethought and quality are of the entrants are inspiring. Mr Guy should take a visit to the exhibition as 100 years latter Canberra is a very successful city which has grown from nothing to 350,000 while catering for it’s disparate citizens consistently over time how ever dysfunctional its politics have been or are at any time.


The Age Online Reporting Victorian Planning Issues

The Age Online Reporting Victorian Planning Issues


The other delightful consequence of the decent into adhoc planning chaos, like a new Western suburb with no bus or train ( laugh and the world laughs with you, weep in frustration and Minister will step over you) is that it has prompted some thoughtfull and informative discourse in media, none more so than todays Age Article by Norman Day titled Marvellous Melbourne, a city lived on the street, is in peril.

What is to stop Woolies buying the pub and turning it over to pokies?

Disturbing e-mail doing the rounds at the moment based on a Get Up campaign.

It shows income derived from pokies in low income neighborhoods by the proposed developers of Canning St & Vaughan Tce , Woolworths.

The question you have to ask yourself apart from the appropriateness of the scale of the planning application for Vaughan Tce and Canning St is: do we want this the kind of organisation in our neighborhood?

They don’t seem to be playing with a straight bat. When you read the planning doc we recently accessed under the FOI laws they state that they don’t have room for a childcare centre,only 300 plus apartments 6 shops and a supermarket ( That is easy to fix, try dropping a few apartments from the plan) and that their liquor license to 11pm is consistent with the neighborhood. Seems like they are almost deliberately trying to put residents offside.

You can see the campaign here and judge for yourself if it has merit  GetUp Woolworth Profit from Poverty, not sure if I can put up the doc accessed under FOI I will seek advise as it alway to do the right thing.

If the facts in this Woolworths pokies campaign are true do we want them in N Melbourne.

If the facts in this Woolworths pokies campaign are true do we want them in N Melbourne.

Membership form, RAiD wants more members, share it please with friends

RAiDers we need your help, we would like more members to us help us prosecute our cause. While it is great to hear we speak for so many less vocal citizens of 3051 who all want to see, well planned and integrated development with good social outcomes in and around 3051 we still need more signed up members. This is were you can help,  below is a copy of the membership form, or you could can down load it here (RAID 3051 Members). The committee are always happy to help with nominations so dont be shy, share the form with friends, family and like minded souls.

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