RAiD BBQ Report

Dear Neighbours – a follow up email re Tuesday’s ‘BBQ and Conversation’.  Thank you to all who attended and/or provided messages of support for this event.  Overall about 100 people joined us at the triangular park at the end of Canning Street adjacent to the proposed Woolworths development over the 2 hours (5.30 – 7.30).  The weather remained kind with the cool change coming through close to 7.30.  The following provides a summary and attached are some photos taken on the night.

  • A number of people attending were unfamiliar with the proposal and were interested in discussing it and their views – this was facilitated by RAID members in small group discussions dotted around the area.
  • A banner – stretched between two trees – was erected on the Macaulay Road side of the park and spray painted with the message – R.A.I.D. Stop Woolworths Towers! on one side and R.A.I.D. Stop Woolies High Rise Towers! on the other side.
  • A number of laminated RAID ‘alternative’ posters were dotted around the park on stakes or pasted to trees, signage etc.  The park took on quite a buzz and wave of activity.
  • A big black book (art sketch pad) was utilised for attendees to register their message to the Minister for Planning – many pages were filled with objections, alternatives and concerns.  Attendees provided their contact details for inclusion on the RAID email list.
  • The barbeque was in in full swing producing yummy halal lamb sausages.  (An Irish tourist – Grania – who was walking by volunteered to assist with the barbeque which she did enthusiastically for the full 2 hrs).

Acknowledgement and thanks is made to the community members for their contributions in getting the event happening on a ‘greenfield’ site in terms of hosting a BBQ – purchase of sausages, drinks, cups, ice etc and provision of the barbeque, gas bottle, tables etc.  Also the purchase of materials for the banner, laminating of posters etc.  Special acknowledgement to Mr Kwan from the Melrose St IGA who donated 20 loaves of bread, tomato sauce, soft drinks and plastic cups – please let him know of your appreciation for his support when you are next in his shop.

Given that planning and confirmation of the day/date allowed only limited notice of the BBQ and Conversation, with invitations to MCC Councillors and local members of the Victorian Parliament being sent out over the week-end prior, it was pleasing that we received responses of apology to the RAID invitation to attend the BBQ and Conversation from all MCC Councilors (noting that the time conflicted with a Council meeting); and responses of apology from the majority of our local Members of Parliament including Minister Guy’s office (thanking us for the invitation and advising of conflicts with other engagements or being interstate/overseas).  This is important acknowledgement of this campaign by our local representatives and RAID has offered follow-up for Councillors and our local members of Parliament requiring further information about the community views.  It was pleasing to have our Federal Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt amongst attendees showing support as were representatives of the N&WMA.

NOTE: The RAID initiated petition with 435 signatures was tabled in the Victorian Parliament by our local Member for Melbourne Ms Bronwyn Pike on Wednesday, November 9.

The important next step for RAID is to seek a meeting with the Minister for Planning prior to him making a decision on the Woolworths application.

As individuals there is the opportunity to influence the Minister’s decision through the following actions.  A summary of this information and some key issues are included in the attached flyer.

Tell the Minister – ask for a meeting, call leave a message, write, email – that Melbourne City Council analysis and conclusion supports the community view – too big, too high and altogether too much.  Contact details are:


Matthew Guy MLC, Minister for Planning,

Electorate Office, 56 Beetham Parade, Rosanna VIC 3084.  Telephone: 9457 5328.

Ministerial Office – Level 7, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.  Telephone 9938 5990

Email at –


Tell our only other upper house Liberal member with a direct interest in North Melbourne, Craig Ondarchie MLC for Northern Metropolitan

Craig Ondarchie MLC, Electorate Office 464 High Street Northcote 3070. Telephone 9938 5990

Email at –


We need to persuade – be polite, informed and firm.


Tell the community of your concerns, talk to neighbours, write to the local newspapers.

The Melbourne Weekly,  To the letters Editor at –

The Melbourne Leader –


As a community we need to keep the momentum going and the message clear and persistent – this is not the right development for the site.


Latest news: “RAID wins big at Council”

Dear Neighbours – a great outcome from last night’s meeting with a unanimous vote from Councillors to object to the Woolworths application.  As we know the decision regarding the development remains with the Minister for Planning however this is an important milestone for this proposal with all of Council support backing the community in its bid for appropriate development and in a position to put a strong objection to the DPCD.

The motion to support the MCC Management report recommendations was moved by the Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle and seconded by Cr Cathy Oke.  Five Councillors spoke in favour of supporting the objection with each acknowledging the strong community input and argument and also the comprehensive, thoughtful and complete report prepared by Council Officers.  RAID was positively mentioned by a number of Councillors.

RAID was represented by five speakers presenting on the following topics  – Peter Hogg (overview of RAID position); Gary Bateman (traffic, pedestrian and urban design issues); Cath Bowtell (community perspective); Peter Topping (liquor sale issues); and Tess Demediuk (Integration, perspective and precedent – getting it right).  The N&WMA and Kensington Association were represented and four community members presented making a total of 11 presentations.  No presentation was made by Woolworths or its representatives.

The important next step is the decision by the Minister for Planning – let’s hope that the strong objection by the Melbourne City Council is an influencing factor along with the significant number of submissions form community members.

Thank you to all who made submissions; to those who attended last night’s meeting; for the messages of support; and for your ongoing commitment to good development in North Melbourne.  Let your neighbours know of this outcome – we need to keep the momentum going.

Meeting 8 November Melbourne City Council all welcome

Tuesday 8 November. The details of the meeting are as follows:
Date & Time:     Tuesday 8 November at 5pm
Venue:              The Yarra Room, 2nd Floor, Melbourne Town Hall
The agenda papers for this meeting can be viewed prior to the meeting and are generally available by noon, four days prior to the meeting.  I have loaded a fact sheet on from Councillor Ken Ong for instructions on how to obtain a copy of these papers.
Council Business fact sheet for RAID 3051 hearing we need a good crowd to show our extensive suport base.