BBQ 2 March 2012 – Traffic from Woolworths

Dont forget RAiD BBQ Friday night 530pm at Gardiners Reserve Haines Street Dryburgh Street. Come and talk about the traffic issues raised by the Woolworths development & get an update on the campaign.

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Woolies scrap Grog shop next to youth centre!

Here some good news, if Woolies can scrap a grog shop next to a Youth Centre  in WA, then they could scrap the grog shop license in North Melbourne next to the flats and load of mens hostels. While they are at it they could give us a guarantee they wont turn the pub into a pokies venue like they have at Flemington. The  super market idea for the site has lots of merits, it is an issue of size, scale, integration & corporate social responsibility that is at the heart of things.

City of Melbourne accept Arden Macaulay Plan












According to the the City website (click here), the City of Melbourne has accepted the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan & the City North Structure Plan which includes significant hight limits and too much flexibility for RAID3051. But this doesn’t mean its over yet. We have had great help from individual Councillors and their support staff so we need to keep working towards making the Minister for Planning Matthew Guy deliver a better outcome for residents of all of North Melbourne. So remember its not over we don’t need to let Woolworth’s trash North Melbourne with an 18 hour liquor license, trucks, trollies, litter, traffic and 300 apartments. They can how ever enhance the suburb by building a supermarket with apartments centred around a decent traffic plan, the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan & engagement with the locals.

Breaking News 22 Feb

Some times you have to wonder if the consultation and engagement with the community are for real or if the government is just going through the motions with big business until it gets to VCAT or some other court.

Are these the secret Matthew Guy Minister for planning maps for sky scrapper areas in North Melbourne but also Collingwood?

Why didn’t the Minister release these images when he went to the media last week with the half formed plan to expand the CBD and create Docklands in North Melbourne.

Have a look and show your friends in 3068 they wont be happy.

Are theses the Secret Matthew Guy Plans for Skyscrapers in North Melbourne & Collingwood

RAID Community News Feb

Dear Neighbours – the following provides an update since the last email update on 31/1/12.

1. There is still no decision from the Minister for Planning about the Woolworths proposal for the Canning / Macaulay Street site.  All the material is with the Minister and we are simply waiting on a decision to know if the fight continues (or the party begins). Whilst we have been waiting RAID has been busy and a report on a number of issues follows.


2. RAID is organising another BBQ so that we can meet informally and discuss matters affecting our neighbourhood. The venue is Gardiners Reserve at the bottom of Dryburgh Street.  The catering for the BBQ will be a (hallal) sausage in bread with sauce, soft drink with a gold coin donation.  The BBQ will run from 5.30 – 7.00pm on Friday 2nd March 2012.

1.    3. Arden Macaulay Structure Plan (ASMP). The Future Melbourne Committee considered the ASMP on 7 February 2012.  RAID (per Gary Bateman, Peter Hogg, Marg Leser) spoke to the RAID submission (attached to the RAID email update 20 on 31/1).  The emphasis of our verbal submissions to MCC was around the permissible height (density), traffic / parking management and the need for community infrastructure to support future growth.  The Committee adopted the draft ASMP which included the guideline that buildings in the Arden – Macaulay zone have a 30 meter height restriction (subject to powers and discretions of Minister for Planning, VCAT, State Government legislation etc.).   The ASMP will now continue through a process which will see further reviews and approvals but the formal opportunity for community to influence the outcome is effectively completed.


2.     4. RAID has written to Cr Shanahan asking that the MCC establish a working group to start the planning and develop some proposals about how the MCC will manage traffic in the area affected by the Woolworths proposal. The letter reads in part;


“We note that the Structure Plan recommends the development of “a dynamic traffic management plan that minimizes the impact of non-local vehicular traffic traversing the area”. Waiting for the Structure Plan to be put into action before this is implemented will be to act after the ‘horse has bolted’.  The issue is a known concern and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. To that end we urge Council to give this action the utmost priority by convening a working party to consider the traffic management issues in the area and to identify options for consideration by the community and Council.  It is requested that due to an impending decision regarding the Woolworths proposal that the working party be convened as a matter of urgency.  The scope of the study should include the wider area bounded by Macaulay Road, Flemington Road, Boundary Road and Dryburgh Street as a minimum with the aim to identify an effective traffic management plan for our neighbourhood.”


3.    5. RAID wrote to State Government Ministers about the impact of Woolworths proposal on areas of their Ministerial responsibility (Public Transport, Housing, Education).  To date we have had limited responses but will continue to press for a response.

4.  6. RAID have issued several press releases that have been ‘picked up’ and can be reviewed on the RAID website –

5.  7. RAID Inc – a reminder that RAID is now formally incorporated. We need to establish a membership base so that we can better represent and influence decision makers.  The joining fee is $1.00 and annual membership fee is $1.00.  If you come to the BBQ, bring an extra $2 and become an official, paid up member of RAID 3051 for twelve months.  Further details are available from the RAID website –

We look forward to seeing you at the BBQ on March 2nd; and to you signing up as a members of RAID @3051 Inc.




Tess Demediuk

on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc