30 March 28C – Enjoy the last of Summer

There is a notice up in Royal Park with the Melbourne City Council seeking feed back on plans for Royal Park. The Park is very dear to many in 3051 so now is your chance to have your say, access to this great asset needs to continue to improve & to ensure no more of the park is snaffled for development.

Good luck to the North Melbourne Football Club between now and September. Props to the Groundsman at Arden street she is looking fabulous.

Have a great weekend & remember you will miss the pool when it closes for winter.

Royal Park users feedback

Melbourne City Council seeks feed back on plans for Royal Park by 11 April. Photo from Wikipedia

Woolworth’s development North Melbourne.

This week there is not much too report as we are waiting to hear any news. The Pump House on Arden Street was divided into wharehouse shells and they all reportedly sold this Saturday for around the $900,000 mark to individual buyers, what a fabulous place to live that will become. As it was quiet I was looking at the media our little campaign has developed over the last six months and there are internet links every where (we are famous on the web).

Story in the Melbourne Leader with Photo by Matt Murphy of the community opposition to the SIZE of Woolworths

Story in the Melbourne Leader with Photo by Matt Murphy of the community opposition to the SIZE of Woolworths

This was one of my personal favourites it was the story in the Melbourne Leader with Photo by Matt Murphy of the community opposition to the SIZE of Woolworths (not to Woolworths itself). It was a very happy time as the MCC had come out in out favour.

Click Here to the link if you are interested.

RAiD Community update 19 March

The RAiD 3051 information Desk at the Errol Street Primary School Fete was a major success. Many thanks to interested parents who allowed us to be present & voice this vital planning issue.

The slowly mounting opposition to the Woollies development resulted in another 30 residents who were at Fete seeking membership of  RAID.

With the Arden Macaulay Structure Plan driving a lists of unknows for 3051, parents of local primary school children and other local residents concerned about impact of cumulative developments  on neighbourhood social infrastructure, transport and traffic were keen to know more.

In other news we were sent a link to what seems to be an new proposed development on Racecourse Road North Melbourne. Even though the page is up and being promoted on the web it doesnt show up in the enquiry form of the company at this stage? If you know more let us know at raid3051@gmail.com , we are keen to know which end of the road it will be.


Many thanks to all those who saw the “proposed” Woolworths development featured in The Age Apartments Supplement on Saturday and let us know. Proposed didn’t mean going ahead when I last read a dictionary.

North Melbourne Primary School Fete is a huge annual feature on the North Melbourne calendar, it is big event & well supported by local business & the community.

North Melbourne Primary School Fete is a big annual feature on the North Melbourne calendar



Traffic Management update 12 March

Just a quick up date on two items

1. At Tuesday night’s MCC Future Melbourne Committee a motion put by Cr Shanahan (in responding to RAID’s request) for a working party to be convened to consider traffic management options around the proposed Woolworths site was unanimously supported.  Our thanks to Councillors for their foresight in supporting this initiative.  RAID will be represented on the working party.

2. RAID will have a stall at the North Melbourne Primary School Fete on Friday afternoon/evening (4.00 – 8.00 pm, March 16th).  Membership forms will be available so come and sign up.

Happy Labour Day Long Weekend Update.

Wether we are pausing to reflect on Labour day or just enjoying the long weekend it is great to know that other people are in the same situation as us. When looking for RAiD online I found the trail of this anti Woolworths development in Northern NSW. They seem to have gone for the all out confrontation (which is always an option if things go ugly) but it does indicate the day to day disruption caused by the development itself. Here is their website link http://www.mullumaction.org/home.html

What I did find via their website which is a must see is the ABC Hungry Beast feature on the Coles Woolworths duopoly. It is scary viewing if it is all true & still scary even if it is only half true especially for the future of the 3 local IGAs and the 2 Foodworks supermarkets in the area which are for the most part locally owned.

Woolworth Coles Duopoly as seen in the ABC Hungry Beast Intro

Woolworth Coles Duopoly as seen in the ABC Hungry Beast

Incase you cant ge this to play here are some other links to it.






Melbourne Parks Meeting Supper Room 8 March

Report by Peter Topping

Last night I went to the parks meeting at the supper room at the Melbourne Town Hall  & met lots of residents from all over Melbourne & all the movers & shakers. Great turn out from North Melbourne & Kensington residents.

Well done everyone who had time to go.

In summary it was fab, the plans are fantastic. The big if is (& it is a giant IF) is can the plans be delivered on as the State Government is required to hand over land in the development corridors for parks rather than sell it all to developers. Think about in a era of budget squeezes,” the money or public open space?”.

The issues that arose were ones of integration, there was no evidence of links to things like sports and rec planning as a big growth in population puts pressure on our already struggling facilites at Arden St, the pool , JJ Holland and the tennis courts. In a simular vien we were all concerned about making better use of the existing space and the liner reserves we have in many streets for opportunistic recreation like a spring time sit in the sun for apartment dwellers & older less mobile residents.

Plan to redevelop and enhance the Park on Vaughan Tce and Dryburgh in front of proposed Woolworths development

Vaughan Tce & Dryburgh St Park in front of the proposed Woolworths development is ear marked for an upgrade.

On the bright side great work by the Melbourne City Council, really well hosted with exciting prospects for the future.

Massive Coles Supermarket Development to go ahead in Smith St

VCAT approves a bigger development than originally mandated in Smith St. First it was only Woolies now Coles have joined the developer bad boys riding rough shod over the local council and citizens.

First well done to the City of Yarra for standing up for residents against the scale, intensity & delivery trucks, second well done to the citizens action groups for helping us model a path with your experiences, you have lead the way for many communities facing the same challenges.

North Melbourne will fight on. Read the whole story here on The Age Online, “supersized Coles gets the nod”.

Online http://www.theage.com.au/business/supersized-coles-gets-the-nod-20120307-1ujbc.html

If anyone hears any comment from the Minister Matthew Guy let me know please. Remember like Yarra we dont want “no development” which just want, “the coherently planned development at a sustainable scale of our suburb”.

So join RAiD 3051 and help us keep the developers honest & the demands reasonable.

RAiD BBQ March Community update

RAiD held the March BBQ and Gardiners Reserve. A park named after the legendary North Melbourne Footy Club President whose determination and fights steered the club into the VFL back in the 20s as we today hope to steer Woolworths and our elected representatives in a planning outcome that is good for North Melbourne residents.

The rain held off, the sausages sizzled and Peter Hogg gave welcome new memers and gave an update on the state of play.

It was great to see MCC councillors turn up and representatives of a number of local members of all colours both State and Federal.

Thank you to all the new members who signed up and pledged a few dollars to help us fight the good fight.

North Melbourne Traffic Management Plan update by RAiD

North Melbourne Traffic Management Plan update by RAiD

Master of Ceremony Peter Hogg delivers the welcome

RAiD 3051 North Melbourne Traffic Plan Woolworths development update