29 May update – Committee Meeting tonight & great ruling by VCAT on light.

VCAT who we both love and hate, handed down a very sensible ruling that gives all students of urban history a little hope. A cruddy little light well which was considered no good for 19C Melbourne slum dwellers is still not good enough for 21C residents of Melbourne, even with all the added spin and a host of planning lawyers & consultants spruking its spurious case, thank you VCAT. Here is the link to the article in todays Age Online 29 May.

Don’t forget tonight we have a committee meeting were we will continue to work on ways to build on community consensus for the requirements for great planning in 3051.

This is why RAiD has to exist in 2012.

The Age Online 14 May features this great articile that points to why RAiD 3051 has to exist in 2012. RAiD is all about ensuring that the inevitable development that does take place is well thought out & systematic, not a series of politician friendly, developer driven, 6pm new worthy extravaganzas. There is much to be re-learned from the Victorian era when building tall and close together  was a cheap “low cost housing” solution for workers. These became the tenements we had to clear after the war at great expense. Have a read and reach your own opinion.


Plan to redevelop and enhance the Park on Vaughan Tce and Dryburgh in front of proposed Woolworths development

Vaughan Tce & Dryburgh St Park in front of the proposed Woolworths development is ear marked for an upgrade.


RAiD Committee Meeting update.

Great committee meeting last night, a big thanks to all those who give up their time to keep the organisation ticking over.
It was great to have reaffirmed that we are not anti-Woolworths or anti-development but for the well planned and integrated development of a much more populous 3051. The Minister should note that planned development is the opposite of ad-hoc approvals based on scaling up a development to the size where it can by pass the rigor of local government scrutiny.

Proposed Residents Alternative

Proposed 3051 Residents Alternative

Woolworths accused of behaving badly in TheAge.com.au

There is not much I can really add to this article in The Age online (Sunday 6th May), well done to The Age for raising this. We have to keep these business’s with large market share accountable to the public.  Competition and transparency are two of the ways in which we can keep things nice. I won’t mention duopoly or oligopoly on any of that sort of blah, blah stuff but I will say if it is true it is not nice, they could prove it wrong by negotiating with to the residents of 3051 & the council openly.