Big Development Rumor in 3051.

Update Sept 2012. David from HWD has come back to us on the website regarding the proposed development on Racecourse Road. David and HWD offered to meet RAiD which is great. David has also corrected the size and scale of the development which we had reported on the site and I quote form his post to the blog.

“HWD have submitted a planning application is for a 14 storey building not 16 as you state. It shall comprise 90 apartments, 14 small offices – not 30 and one cafe – not 3 large retail outlets as you have described.”

David Thank you for the update we will be in touch.

Word is a huge development is proposed for some where between 33-39 Racecourse Road. The area has a proposed zone with a 9 meter limit. The developers are talking up to 30 meters and its north facing. That means it has a big shadow. So if you know anyone at the Alfred Street end of 3051 let them know they should keep their eyes peeled. This is one is bigger than the, oh so attractive black glass number opposite 7-11 . The question for residents is: If we accept higher densities for the area as inevitable, how do we stop Flemington Road, Racecource Road the South end of Arden etc from becoming glass canyons? Developers, the MCC & successive State Governments made such a balls up of St Kilda Road by allowing anything, we dont want to be running a last gasp campaign to save the street scape and make it livable. What do we think, should each development offer planning gain in the form of social housing, a contribution to schools, aged care, the environment public open space etc? This is the balance there is profit in going up which is fine but the developers need to help pay for the services, everyone gets old, catches a tram, needs local shops, goes to the park has a connection to a school, gets sick or has a mental challenge at some point.


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Developers win big in Armadale – the details

Despite support from the Local Council who rejected the Lend Lease plan in 2010, they have won at VCAT.

You can see the full details in The AGE online here, read it before they put a firewall up and make it pay per view or out source all the local journos to Sevtlavia East, as wont know where Armadale is.

The Age Online Reporting Victorian Planning Issues

The Age Online Reporting Victorian Planning Issues


Looking through the damage, what are the wins. They knocked off 13 apartments from the plan (no mean feat that is a whole development). They got a maternal and child health care centre built – good long term gain for an inner city community (wonder if they got some where to park the 4 wheel drives). Additionally they got a store and a cafe, they got the engagement of the council at a community level and they worked together as residents and those links and bonds are great achievements. Take the credit, well done guys thanks for taking the fight on behalf of Melbourne citizens all the way.

Ministers first plan to expand the CBD with a planning by press release strategy.

Finally found a copy of the Ministers first plan to expand the CBD by fuzzy press release that was released a few months back. It has some unexplained yellow arrows sort Eastern font style circa 1943 pointing at North Melbourne and Collingwood. When compared to the latest press releases it seems in the new July 2012 plan of development by press release Collingwood is gone and the Docklands at Fishermans bend, sorry I mean development at Fishermans bend has grown in size and scope, has anyone got a PDF of the new prop.


Planning Ministers first plan to develop the CBD using a planning by press release process.

Planning Minister 1st plan to expand the CBD and development zone now in new winter flavor.


Fishermans Bend seems like the Arden Macaulay plan debacle all over.

Here is the actual press release from the Govt about the Fishermans bend, imagine not consulting the elected council who have been running a strategy plan and consultation process for over 12 months, sounds just like the Minister and the Arden Macaullay plan and the City of Melbourne all over.

City Councilors are our directly elected representatives, the City Council Officers in the inner-city councils know the issues intimately they have expertise and knowledge, most are strategic and seem to be pro growth and consolidation. The Govt should communicate with them and work WITH them not ambush them in this manner.

Planning like Government "for the people by the people"

Planning for the future use of land should be like Government "for the people by the people"

In other big news Docklands planning gets handed back to the City of Melbourne. Just as the glamour of announcing big developments and fancy towers has gone out of it and the hard, costly work of  planning and implementing social infra-structure like schools, libraries, child care, aged care, ESL courses etc has begun in earnest it gets hand balled out of the Ministers office to the rate payers in Melbourne.