Elections for the City of Melbourne – Meet the Candidates

Melbourne Council Elections

What do we want? Integrated development in 3051, When do we want it ? Consistently!

Meet the Candidates’ Wednesday 17 October

Kensington Association with give residents a the chance to size up the election candidates.  Please spread the word.  

Elections for the City of Melbourne are about to happen.  This will be a postal vote.

You’ll receive your ballots (one for the Lord Mayor and Deputy and one for the election of 9 Councillors) between 9 and 11 October.  You’ll need to return ballots by 26 October. 

We urge you to take an interest in this election. 

The Kensington Association will present ‘Meet the Candidates’ in the Holy Rosary School Hall Gower Street Kensington at 7:30 pm Wednesday 17 October.   

What is to stop Woolies buying the pub and turning it over to pokies?

Disturbing e-mail doing the rounds at the moment based on a Get Up campaign.

It shows income derived from pokies in low income neighborhoods by the proposed developers of Canning St & Vaughan Tce , Woolworths.

The question you have to ask yourself apart from the appropriateness of the scale of the planning application for Vaughan Tce and Canning St is: do we want this the kind of organisation in our neighborhood?

They don’t seem to be playing with a straight bat. When you read the planning doc we recently accessed under the FOI laws they state that they don’t have room for a childcare centre,only 300 plus apartments 6 shops and a supermarket ( That is easy to fix, try dropping a few apartments from the plan) and that their liquor license to 11pm is consistent with the neighborhood. Seems like they are almost deliberately trying to put residents offside.

You can see the campaign here and judge for yourself if it has merit  GetUp Woolworth Profit from Poverty, not sure if I can put up the doc accessed under FOI I will seek advise as it alway to do the right thing.

If the facts in this Woolworths pokies campaign are true do we want them in N Melbourne.

If the facts in this Woolworths pokies campaign are true do we want them in N Melbourne.

RAiD 3051 vs Woolworths VCAT Oct update

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT

Dear Neighbours – items of update regarding action in the RAID VCAT appeal.

1.       Jane Good represented RAID @ 3051 Inc at a VCAT *Practice Day

Hearing* on September 21 and the following order was subsequently advised by VCAT Deputy President, Helen Gibson regarding hearing and mediation dates:

– *Mediation *(3 hours duration) set for *December 4 at 10.00 am*

– *Hearing *(only if the proceeding is not fully settled beforehand by consent or at mediation) *set for February 25th for seven days.*

Our *thanks to Jane Good* for her continued support and advocacy for the RAID position and liaison with Melbourne City Council who are also appellants at VCAT.

2.       The RAID Planning Group is working on *building an evidence base*to support the preferred position for better integrated development of a significantly lesser scale than what has been approved at this time.

This includes, but is not exclusive to, social infrastructure issues (provision of education, health and recreation services); availability of alcohol and the impact of packaged alcohol sales on communities; and traffic and parking issues generated by the proposed development.  RAID members are encouraged to provide any research reports, insights or expertise to assist with preparing the evidence.  Please respond by return email and we will follow up with you.

3.       Thank you for your support – our focus is on increasing our *membership*.  Attached is the membership form to download, fill in and drop off with $2.00 ($1.00 membership and $1.00 annual fee) to 42 Canning St.  Please provide an email address and confirmation that membership has been received will be provided.

4.       Thank you for *donations* that have been received.  We have a way to go in reaching our $10,000 target (as advised in email update 32) any contribution to assist us in moving closer to this target is very welcome.  Our case to VCAT will be best supported by engaging expert witnesses who can prepare and present a strong case and be cross-examined.

5.       Thank you to Kate Ritchie of Chin Communications Pty Ltd, a who has *translated the RAID flyer into a Chinese language.  *This will assist in providing information about the development to members of our diverse community.

6. The next steps and ongoing action include:

– RAID membership drive

– RAID posters are still available – put one up in your front window

– Make a donation to the RAID VCAT appeal

– Send your thoughts on a fund-raising event for late October/November

and your availability to assist in planning the event

– Let us know if you have expertise in any of the grounds of appeal

areas. *Your ongoing support is vital.  We look forward to your feedback*.

Keep up-to-date by referring to the RAID @3051 website –


Membership form, RAiD wants more members, share it please with friends

RAiDers we need your help, we would like more members to us help us prosecute our cause. While it is great to hear we speak for so many less vocal citizens of 3051 who all want to see, well planned and integrated development with good social outcomes in and around 3051 we still need more signed up members. This is were you can help,  below is a copy of the membership form, or you could can down load it here (RAID 3051 Members). The committee are always happy to help with nominations so dont be shy, share the form with friends, family and like minded souls.

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Map of major projects in 3051

This is a map of major project underway in 3051. If you know of other planning applications underway send me the address and details and I will add it to the RAiD3051 map.

View North & West Melbourne Development RAiD 3051 in a larger map

RAiD Media release of 27 August

Residents About Integrated Development at 3051 (RAID) held a public meeting last night (Monday 27 August 2012) at the North Melbourne Football Club to hear a report on the Woolworths proposal for a 55 metre high, 304 unit mixed use development on the corner of Canning Street and Macaulay Road, North Melbourne
The meeting was attended by over 70 local residents, the newly elected State Member for Melbourne, Jennifer Kanis, and MCC Councillors Ken Ong, Jackie Watts and Cathy Oke.
The meeting was told by Peter Hogg, President of RAID that a formal application of appeal against Minister for Planning Matthew Guys decision to approve the development without amendment had been filed by RAID at VCAT. The City of Melbourne has also lodged an appeal against the development.
“RAID is not opposed to the development of the inner city but the scale and density of the proposal is an overdevelopment without any community planning.  Our grounds of appeal include

  • a failure to comply with existing planning standards,
  • the failure to integrate the development to the existing context,
  • poor traffic management and parking
  • social detriment caused by the proposal including a 7am – midnight retail liquor licence ”

Councillor Ken Ong, Chair of the MCC Building Committee addressed the meeting and confirmed that the MCC had also filed an appeal with VCAT against the decision to allow development in its current form.  Councillor Ong told the meeting that the development was a serious attack on the proposed Arden Macaulay Structure Plan that “only” permitted development to a height of 30 meters.  Cr Ong conducted a question and answer session with the meeting that focussed on the overdevelopment of the site.
Peter Hogg said that “if this development is permitted it will effectively create a precedent that will set the pattern for future development for the area.”
The meeting was told about three other developments proposed for the area that have yet to go through the planning process but seek to develop an additional 1,200 units of housing within a 1km radius of the Woolworths proposal.
Mr Hogg told the meeting that “if this type of development is permitted by Minister Guy then his Ministry should be changed from ‘Planning’ to ‘Development’, there is no way the State Government should allow this development without an explanation to the community as to how services and amenity, such as new schools and increased public transport, are going to  be provided.”

Peter Hogg is available for comment on 0400 784 779

Developments in Progress in 3051

I posted this on our Facebook page recently. The scale of what is going on at the moment is amazing & much of it is in front of the Minister not the main planning body the City Council and this it what concerns us. The Minister approves development but the Council plans and delivers services and they need to talk. Here is the post.

This is what is on at the moment in North & West Melbourne and this is with out all the little ones, did you notice 27 Erskine (application rejected) has something going on.

Flemington Road (crn Blackwood St): 400 new apartments in 3 “towers” ranging in height from 13 stories to 7. This being dealt with by DPCD as it is so huge.

17 Racecourse Road, 7 stories, 66 apratments plus retail at ground level. This proposal has a 6 star energy rating. This being dealt with by the MCC.

371-379 Spencer Street West Melbourne: 750 apartments, 2 towers 39 stories and 29 stories. This is also being dealt with by DPCD.

The big Alfred Street development (520 apartments) and the other Racecourse Road development (90 apartments).

Our issues at RAiD are about height, density and the need for investment in social, eductaional, transport and recreational infrastructure not stopping progress.