Raid Latest news and Dash for Cash

Dear Neighbours – happy new year to all. We are now only four weeks from the VCAT hearing date.

RAID together with the City of Melbourne and other community members are appealing against the permit issued by the State Planning Minister Matthew Guy to Woolworths to build a supermarket, retail shops, two residential towers comprising 304 apartments and a packaged liquor sales outlet.

The RAID planning group has continued to collect information to support our position at the VCAT hearing scheduled for the last week of February.  As previously advised Jane Good of Brand Partners is facilitating the preparation of the RAID case on a pro bono basis.  However there are significant costs associated with expert representation to ensure that the community position against the grounds of appeal are well presented at the VCAT hearing and final arrangements are underway to engage such expertise.

RAiD is seeking donations to fund our quest for a smaller supermarket proposal

RAiD is seeking donations to fund our quest for a smaller Woolworths supermarket proposal with lower towers and some planning gain for North Melbourne residents.

Therefore we are seeking further donations to the RAID VCAT Appeal Fund.  Firstly, our thanks to all community members who have made a contribution to date.  However we are several thousand dollars short of our $10,000 target and now seek your support for meeting this target.  So if you are able to assist with a contribution there are three ways for this to occur:

Donate to RAID@3051 Inc.

1. RAID @ 3051 Inc. is registered for e-donation with

Make an e-donation at

If you have any problems or you would like a receipt remember to Email us at, if you would like a receipt we would be delighted to post you one, please make your payment reference clear and your address.

  • RAiD@3051 is a community run organisation that advocates for integrated town planning and urban design which integrates future development of North Melbourne (3051) with existing neighbourhood amenity, environmental sustainability, public transport and optimises  access  to a range of critical  community related facilities.Initial targets of RAiD@3051 advocacy include response to planning proposals that would result in excessive population densities, height or social externalities.
    RAID@3051 advocacy includes litigation at Tribunals (eg VCAT) resulting in expenses related to filing fees, expert witnesses, specialist reports). Although members of the community voluntarily contribute many ‘pro-bono’ hours there are significant ‘hard’ costs that must be paid for through fundraising and voluntary contributions.
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2. Electronic transfer to the RAID bank account using the following details. Please include your name so that a receipt can be issued.
Bank: MECU (Bankmecu)
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Residents About Integrated Development at 3051
BSB: 313-140
Account No. 12035276

If you have any problems or you would like a receipt remember to Email us at, if you would like a receipt we would be delighted to post you one, please make your payment reference clear and your address.
3. Drop off cash or cheque made out to RAID @ 3051 Inc. – please advise by return email if this is your preferred option and arrangements for pick-up/drop-off will be made directly with you.

FINALLY: there is a new RAID poster available for distribution.  It promotes the simple message – “NO WOOLWORTHS TOWERS’.  It would be great to have these posters spread across the local street on walls, in windows etc. over the next few weeks. Please advise by return email if you would like to collect one for your property.

The VCAT timeline is looming.  The VCAT Hearing is in 4 weeks.  Your ongoing support is critical.


3051 Woolworths and Social Disadvantage

Woolworths seems to argue in their document CL 52 27 Canning St North Melbourne – that there is not /no significant social disadvantage in the target market area & that the planning application should consider the demographics of the whole Melbourne LGA. However this doesn’t stack up as the rest of the Melbourne LGA is well catered for with Woolworths supermarket outlets so we should look at the local area around Vaughan Terrace. I may be amateur and I admit I could be wrong or miss understanding them (more likely their high paid consultants).

The map clearly shows that the target market is largely Hotham Hill, North Melbourne & West Melbourne and not the Melbourne LGA as there are Woolworths catering for Carlton & Parkville (Lygon St) ,The City (QV) East Melbourne & City North (Smith St), Ascot Vale, Kennsington & Flemington (New Market) on top of this there is Aldi (City) Coles (City and Showgrounds), therefore the planning application and the measure of social disadvantage applicable to Liquor licensing, scale size etc should reflect this.

The redlines on the map are a 1.1 km  circle around the proposed location & it shows much of the area is industrial (no residents), transport corridor (no residents), parkland (no residents) & Hospitals. Many of the remaining volume of residents live on a small percentage of the land in higher density government housing the rest is mixed use residential, retail, office & industrial with the exception of Hotham Hill which is mostly residential.

The map shows all the hostels. Many hostels catering for drugs & alcohol effected people which is why we worry about the liquor license and the targeting of cheap packaged liquor to low income groups. It also shows the medical clinics that deal with alcohol drugs and mental health issues. I have also shown the packaged liquor outlets (baskets) and pubs .

Given the remaining areas that are not exclusively commission housing, industrial or park The target area is mixed office, retail and industrial.  The census tells us the household mix in the target area (750 meters North and West of the site & 1-2 km East and South East of the site) is characterized by low income commission housing residents, rental with a youth focus, student residential, an aging but shrinking remnant migrant population from Europe & Cantonese Chinese (both low income) and then upper income home owners and strata property owners and renters (who have younger profile). So what is Woolworths really up to here?

In the mean time until we know we need to look out for our neighbourhood and restrict the liquor license and size of the development to fit in with the neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be good if they could have a frank and honest conversation with MCC and the residents about what they are doing why and how it could be negotiated so everyone wins something.

View Woolworths North Melbourne location social disadvantage in a larger map