Chalk this one up to discontent with Woolworths

Well done, tell it how it is! Remember you can email us at for a poster for you or your neighbours , alternatively make your own protest about the towers. A tip from us is they are pretty hot on their trade mark and keep it a little bit nice it is after all North Melbourne and to quote Kath and Kim we are a bit more sophistimacated.

Canning Street residents against the Woolworths towers

Canning Street residents against the Woolworths towers

VCAT Hearing – dont forget you can come even in your lunch hour.

Hey RAiDers get on down to VCAT and show your support for our great community and tireless RAiD committee members who are fighting the good flight. Here is the address and room details . We are lucky to live in a democracy that allows us to put a fight even if it us a bit asymmetrical, us a small community verses one of the most powerful companies in Australia.

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small N. Melbourne residents group  we stand for integrated planning & good social outcomes for N.Melbourne residents at VCAT & every where.

Room G.1 – Member M. Deidun & Member M. Read
10:00 AM P2313/2012 Kaye Oddie, Melbourne CC, Residents About Integrated Development 3051 Inc, North & West Melbourne Association Inc v Minister for Planning
101-117 Canning Street, North Melbourne

RAiD News final update Sunday 24 Feb

Firstly good luck to the legal team for RAiD 3051, the committee members and expert witness’s facing the might of the Woolworths legal team and any support they maybe garnering from the Minister, his office, its associates and allies who seem to be supporting this and a number of large adhoc projects across the beautiful state of Victoria.

Dear Neighbours – one final update prior to the commencement of the VCAT hearing tomorrow morning, Monday February 24:

The community gathering following the opening of the Errol Street Reserve on Thursday afternoon was a spirited and positive event. At the gathering it was reported that the RAID legal team has brought together a strong community case and we look forward to making inroads into gaining significant changes to the current proposal from Woolworths at VCAT. Refer to attached photos from Thursday night taken by Gary Bateman.

Posters are available – it will be great to have the neighbourhood covered with the latest RAID poster – NO WOORLWORTHS TOWERS. It is anticipated that the VCAT Panel Members will conduct an onsite visit –seeing a prominence of posters will aid our community expectations of the development. Please advise by return email how many posters you would like and where to drop off.

Thanks to all who have responded re availability to attend VCAT over the next seven days. We now have all of the morning and afternoon sessions covered with one, sometimes two, RAID members committed to attending. If you find you have the time please feel free to attend – there is no restriction on your entry to and from the Hearing if you only have limited time. As a reminder please note that this is a formal court and behaviour in the public gallery must be appropriate eg. no calling out, interrupting etc. Any such behaviour will damage our cause. The VCAT address is 55 King Street between Collins and Flinders Sts. 55 tram from Flemington Road superstop (at Abbotsford St intersection) along William St is a good public transport option.

Again thank you to all RAID members who have donated to the RAID VCAT appeal – we are close to meeting our $10,000 target! However as previously advised we are being provided with significant pro bono legal representation from Jane Good, Brand Partners. Any excess RAID VCAT funds will be offered to Jane to offset some of the real costs of her work with us over the past 6 months.
· Make an e-donation at
· Electronic transfer to the RAID bank account: MECU (Bankmecu)
Account name Residents About Integrated Development at 3051
BSB: 313-140 Account No. 12035276
· Cash or cheque made out to RAID @ 3051 Inc. – arrange for pick-up/drop-off by contacting or phone 0413 017 317

Finally, as far as practical we will be attempting to get out a daily up date as to what has occurred at VCAT that day.


Tess Demediuk

on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc

Lets work together Woolworths its a community we will struggle on.

Lets work together Woolworths its a community we will struggle on.

RAiD Function at the Errol Street Park Opening

A great turn out on a humid afternoon to the official opening of the new park next to Errol St Primary School. The Park was opened by the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Councillors Ken Ong and Cathy Oak were also in attendance.

RAiD 3051 met for a final time after the official opening at the park to offer thanks to all those who have helped us get to VCAT and to answer community questions before the hearing. It was great to see Cath Bowtell candidate Labor for Melbourne & Adam Bandt current Member for Melbourne both there showing support.

RAiD 3051 members meet and have a Q&A with the public

RAiD 3051 members meet and have a Q&A with the public

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 008

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 009

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 010

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 011

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 012

Event at Park opening 21 Feb 2013 013

The Final Count Down (wasn’t that a song?)

Dear Neighbours – it is now just over one week till the VCAT hearing.

Three important matters are brought to your attention:


1. RAID community get-together following the official opening of the Errol Street Reserve which is open to the public and scheduled for 4.00 – 5.00 pm next Thursday, February 21.  The Reserve – located at the north end of Errol Street, adjacent to the primary school – will be opened by the Lord Mayor and Councillors will also be in attendance.  Please stay after the official proceedings, or come along between 5.00 – 6.30 to catch up with neighbours and hear about our brilliant legal team and expert planner taking on our appeal case.  Donations would be very welcome as we head towards our $10,000 target.  Pick up a poster to put in your front window.


2. RAID is going to VCAT

RAID is challenging the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy’s, decision to approve the development at VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) with a seven day hearing commencing on Monday, February 25th.  Other parties opposing the decision include the Melbourne City Council and the North and West Melbourne Association.


Attend VCAT as an interested community member:

Let’s make sure we have a RAID presence to observe the proceedings for every day of the hearing.  The hearing is open to the public.  To assist you with your planning to attend:

·         the room for the hearing will be advertised the working day before on the VCAT website ( and can be accessed on the day from the list in the foyer.

·         hearing rooms are open from 9.00 am and proceedings commence at 10.00 am.  There is a lunch break and hearings generally conclude by 4.30 pm each day.


Let us know if you are attending and which day/time eg. morning or afternoon to assist with covering as much of the 7 days with community members in attendance.


VCAT is located at:

55 King Street Melbourne Vic 3000 Australia
GPO Box 5408 Melbourne Vic 3001
Getting to VCAT: VCAT is a 10 minute walk from Southern Cross Station or a 5 minute tram ride from Flinders Street Station. Get off at King Street (Melbourne Aquarium) and then take a 2 minute walk north along King Street. VCAT is located on the N/W corner of King Street and Flinders Lane. There are a number of commercial car parks within close proximity.


3. RAID VCAT Appeal

RAID is well represented by out legal team and has engaged the services of an expert planner and witness to support our case. The RAID VCAT appeal has been established with a target of $10,000 to support this expert representation.  Thank you to many members of the community we have made great inroads to achieving this target however remain a few thousand dollars short. Your financial contribution to meeting this target is welcomed.


Make a donation by any of the following means:

1. RAID @ 3051 Inc. is registered for e-donation with

Make an e-donation at
You will receive a receipt immediately via email once payment is approved. does not use any donor details in any way.

NB: donations are not tax deductible as RAID is a not for profit organisation.


2. Electronic transfer to the RAID bank account using the following details.

Please include your name so that a receipt can be issued.
Bank: MECU (Bankmecu)
Account name
Residents About Integrated Development at 3051
BSB: 313-140
Account No. 12035276

3. Drop off cash or cheque made out to RAID @ 3051 Inc. – arrange for pick-up/drop-off by contacting or phone 0413 017 317


Finally, keep in touch with the latest updates by accessing the RAID website at or enter RAID 3051 into your search engine.  Also if you know of people who are not receiving these email updates please send onto them or advise me of their email address to add to the RAID list. 


RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT

Woolworths size and scale

If you are unsure what having the Woolworths towers on Canning St and Vaughan Tce will be like then check out this great photo sent to the website by a RAider, Megan. It is bigger than ours but not by much. This is the Woolworths South Yarra (the black tower) which is 428 apartments, ours is two towers and 330 apartments.

So share the photo and spread the word folks.

I mean just look at its impact on the skyline let alone , the shadow over Claytons Reserve dog park, the traffic and the litter, visually in my opinion it is way out of scale.

Send the snap to your friends as this is coming to Vaughan Terrace unless we do something about it.


Blight on the landscape

Blight on the landscape