A little bit of logic please

Once again the press have drawn attention to the dangers of flooding in parts of North Melbourne with only a small rise in sea levels. Here is the latest missive: http://www.theage.com.au/environment/waterside-living-to-come-at-rising-cost-20130414-2htpn.html .

The logic of it all is beyond me, the North Melbourne area referred to in this article is one that the planning minister Matthew Guy has identified as a development zone with 30 meter highrise developments. The underground car parking could get interesting in period of floods! The tidal reach of the Monee Ponds Creek runs all the way to just short of Racecourse Road which is deceptive as it seems too far into the city to be tidal,this also means the ground water is very close to the surface in the area around the Arden St Oval  which traditionally has no tall buildings, as it was a bog, thus left as open space to become a footy ground and light industrial.

The Brits relaxed the, “no domestic construction in flood planes” regulations in the 90s and in the last few years have seen the expensive results.

We shouldnt have to bail these people out with public works and higher insurance premiums if we know in advance it will be a problem. We have the knowledge and skills so we can plan ahead with a land use pattern which will be more suitable to occasional flooding, unless of course you believe sea level rising is just some “greenie” nonsense or don’t simply care.

Killing me softly?

Not much to report except that there is a planning application notice up on the Woolworths site regarding the removal of the covenant. This is the covenant that humbled & de-railed the Woollworths VCAT “tour de force”, it showed no matter how much money you throw at something and how many lawyers you have, it is alway good to pay attention to details when you do your home work.
The hearing at the MCC Planning is set for the 17th of April, so I assume we can all object if we would like. Go down and have a read of it it. The most visible one is on the Boundary Road Street frontage opposite the smash repair centre. You have the right to contact the councillors and let them know you expect them to use their leverage on behalf of the community and at a minimum to bring the project into line with the structure plan.

The notice looks like this sample from Darebin.

Sample planning notice - plan app 3
Assuming the MCC let the covenant go in one shape or another then it is back to VCAT to make a ruling.
In the mean tine enjoy the newly reopened Arden St Oval, a cricket ground with no nets ! It does look special in Autumn as always.

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT