News 25 June – NWMA meeting & West Melbourne Sub Station.

West Melbourne terminal station

RAiD members went to a NWMA meeting where SP Ausnet and their architects Denton Corker Marshall presented their design for the upgrade of the West Melbourne terminal station in Arden Street next to the Moonee Ponds Creek. The design for the new substation is pretty funky and  includes some land given over to public open space. Given  how unattractive the current substation looks the new one will be a big improvement and we told the architects and SP Ausnet as much.

Redevelopment of the West Melbourne Substation could include public land.

Redevelopment of the West Melbourne Substation could include public land.

 Community Forum

The Community Alliance of Port Phillip (CAPP) together with Port People (PP), Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) and Port 2 Port, are hosting a Forum on the future of the Fisherman’s Bend Urban Renewal Area. The forum will bring together planning and development experts with community activists to provide information and assistance on the Fishermans Bend Development.

When: Sunday 7th July
Time: 2-5pm
Location:South Melbourne Commons (Crn Bank and Montague Sts South Melbourne)

For more information go to the following webpage:

Panelists include
• Dr Darragh O’Brien (principal), Architectural Research Consultancy,
• Francis Grey, economist,
• Dr Kate Shaw, geographer, Melbourne University,
• Dr Rory Hyde, Unsolicited Architecture, Melbourne University,
• Robert Pradolin, General Manager Australand, Residential Victoria, http//

Moderator: Peter Mares, writer, researcher, and former ABC broadcaster.

Big thanks to our donor who seeks no acknowledgement.
A serial donor to RAID has generously donated $500 for our legal team and for all their good works!

June 14 Update from RAiD

Dear Neighbours – a quick update on the status of the post-VCAT decision.

1. As advised in RAID email update 48, VCAT released its decision on Friday, May 17, 2013 and recommended to approve the Woolworths development with no substantive changes to the features important to our community – the towers remain with no reduction in height; liquor availability conditions and sales are unchanged and the impact of the development on the community – transport, parking, traffic – was not considered to be significant.


2. Following this, an analysis of the VCAT decision was undertaken by Brand Partners, RAID’s pro bono legal team, who advised of potential points of law to be tested in the Supreme Court.  Given the nature and potential cost of such action RAID has liaised with the MCC to determine their position as to an appeal.  We have been advised that the MCC legal advice does not support an appeal to the Supreme Court.

3. Cr Ong as Chair of Council’s Planning Committee has agreed to provide a written response on Council’s position for circulation to the RAID community.

4. We are continuing to work with the MCC to ensure that the details in the VCAT decision, including the conditions identified, are accurately reflected in the report and are also discussing mitigation strategies associated with the recognised impact of the development eg. parking, traffic management.

5. RAID has sent out media releases to the Age, the Weekly and Leader.  Thank you to community members who attended the photo shoot for the local papers onsite on May 21.  Refer to the attached photo taken by a RAID member on the day.

We will continue to keep you posted on developments via email updates and the website.


Tess Demediuk

on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc.

If the futures so bright do I need to wear shades?


With the avalanche of news I can’t decide if the sound track to RAiD3051 should be Gloria Gaynor or something deep & dark by Nick Cave? In the last few weeks we believe VCAT have erred in law with their ruling but have no funding to challenge it.  The initiative to lift the height limits along Boundary Road potentially blows 2.5 years of work on a structure plan out of the window. Finally today it is an untested plan for a school and a park in the Boundary Road area. Yes we are bent but we are unbowed.


I admit to feeling confused and some what torn over today’s announcement as the list of community facilities sounds like a dream –  schools, parks, health services etc and that is what integrated development is all about – good social outcomes for the whole community. But the real issue is trust. Governments at various levels have promised if there is development we will get an underground metro station.  What we have got is the development and the problematic issues that go with it and no metro station in sight within a decade.


Here is the link to the article in the Age. Remember it is not necessarily entirely factual what is reported.  It is more like somewhere between journalism, a press shot, marketing & PR.  Make your own mind up a in the mean time when we say “No Towers” at Vaughan Terrace & Canning Street we still mean it as everything should be judged on it merits. I detect lively discussions a head. 

RAiD3051 its about scale and services

Still no to towers at the corner of canning & vaughan terrace