Impact of the East West Road Tunnel on the inner North & West

This great map from the Kensington Association clearly demonstrates the impact of the proposed off ramp in Arden Street and the inner North & West. With no clear mandate to develop this road and with the benefit costing analysis hidden behind a Machiavellian manipulation of process (by making them confidential to a PPP agreement) it is important to get the, “not on my watch”‘ message out there. So print and stick, post and share, get your neighbours talking and if you are up for it ask your candidates about the Federal support for this State based madness.

You can link to the original here:


The impacts of the East West Tunnel and Arden Street off ramp, act now.

The impacts of the East West Tunnel and Arden Street off ramp, act now.

RAID Aug 19

Big thanks to all those who attended the meeting on a windy 3051 Sunday night. Great discussions on:

The 1 Sheil St development

The C190 plans for the neighbourhood

The East West Alliance

Further action on developing our ties with the sitting councillors

and of course keeping the follow up to the VCAT process in which we invested so much time, emotion, effort and your donations accountable. As many of you out there know losing the planning battle is often just the beginning of the adventure and that the process of keeping the build accountable is some times the long game.

We will post a committee approved update latter in the week.