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Dear Neighbours: four items in this update:

1. RAID Stand at NMFC Family Day: RAID will have a stand at the North Melbourne Football Club Family Day this coming Saturday – December 10 between 11.00 am and 2.00 pm. at Aegis Oval, Arden St.  Look out for the RAID stand festooned with posters – this provides an opportunity to alert the broader community to the issues and to further raise awareness.  An information flyer will be distributed and we look forward to seeing as many local people as possible.

REQUEST: Volunteers to devote one hour between 11.00 – 2.00 pm on Saturday to support the RAID stand. A marquee, table and chairs will be provided and flyers are being printed and the volunteer role is to provide information and answer any questions. If you can assist please email me by Friday with your time availability and the roster will be confirmed

2. Update on decision making by Minister Guy on Woolworths proposal: at Tuesday night’s MCC Future Melbourne Committee the Chair, Cr Ong, advised that the MCC have written to Minister Guy advising him of the unanimous MCC motion from their November 8 meeting objecting to the Woolworths development. No response has been received as yet.
Representative of RAID have a meeting with Minister Guy’s Senior Advisors next week – an update will be provided following the meeting.

3. Update on progress of Arden Macaulay Structure Plan:  RAID update 17 advised that the Future Melbourne Committee on Tuesday, December 6 would be considering the final draft Arden Macaulay Structure Plan.  Once approved this Plan will become the critical guiding framework for future development in the Arden Macaulay area which includes the proposed Woolworths development site.  RAID was represented along with a number of other presenters and put the position that due to the importance of the Plan and the significant changes that have resulted from the previous version that more time is required to consider the detail.  Councillors had pre-empted this and at the meeting the Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle moved and Cr Oke seconded a motion that was passed unanimously by all 8 Councillor’s present to: defer until February 2012 Council Meeting a final decision on both the Arden-Macaulay and City North Structure Plans.

This means the Draft Report is now open for further consultation. Submissions can be lodged until 6 January. Councillor officers will then prepare revised Draft Structure Plans which will be circulated ie “on exhibition” from January 24th.

This revised draft plan will be listed for discussion at the February 7, 2012 Future Melbourne Committee meeting at which community and other representatives can request to speak for 3 minutes each. The outcome from this meeting will then be reconsidered and voted on at  full Council meeting on 28 February; following which the Council decision will be conveyed to the Minister for Planning and Community Development, Matthew Guy who may either request further consultation or may decide forthwith on the two MCC Structure Plans before him.


One further outcome from the meeting was commitment to briefing sessions by Council Officers – details are not available at this stage.


Action for RAID: prepare a submission to Arden Macaulay Plan as circulated on December 2 and submit by January 6. Access at

REQUEST: Given the time of year RAID is keen to get the submission drafted in the next couple of weeks and is looking for your input to one or more of the sections. Given the size of the report and level of detail the report has been allocated to individuals to lead the response.  Please refer below and advise of your interest in one or more of the sections to make a contribution.  Please consider responding individually if this is your preference.

The AM report is in sections and the major ones are sections 2 – 7.
Section 2: Activities and land use: p. 16 – Tess Demediuk
Section 3 – Urban structure and land use: p. 32 – Peter Hogg
Section 4 – Transport and access: p. 54 – Gary Bateman
Section 5 – Public realm and open space: p. 66 – Lorna Hannan
Section 6 – Community infrastructure: p. 88 – Marg Leser
Section 7 – Sustainable infrastructure: p. 100 – Peter Hogg

4. Planning for a further community event: following the successful community BBQ in the triangle park at the end of Canning St plans are underway for another community get-together probably late January/early February.  Suggestions for date/venue/format is welcomed.

Remember the RAID website is up and running and being kept current with latest news, photos etc.  This is important in keeping the message on the agenda!

Thank you for continuing support and best wishes to you and your families for the festive season. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the NMFC Family Day or your input into the RAID submission to the Arden Macaulay Structure Plan.


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