RAiD Media release of 27 August

Residents About Integrated Development at 3051 (RAID) held a public meeting last night (Monday 27 August 2012) at the North Melbourne Football Club to hear a report on the Woolworths proposal for a 55 metre high, 304 unit mixed use development on the corner of Canning Street and Macaulay Road, North Melbourne
The meeting was attended by over 70 local residents, the newly elected State Member for Melbourne, Jennifer Kanis, and MCC Councillors Ken Ong, Jackie Watts and Cathy Oke.
The meeting was told by Peter Hogg, President of RAID that a formal application of appeal against Minister for Planning Matthew Guys decision to approve the development without amendment had been filed by RAID at VCAT. The City of Melbourne has also lodged an appeal against the development.
“RAID is not opposed to the development of the inner city but the scale and density of the proposal is an overdevelopment without any community planning.  Our grounds of appeal include

  • a failure to comply with existing planning standards,
  • the failure to integrate the development to the existing context,
  • poor traffic management and parking
  • social detriment caused by the proposal including a 7am – midnight retail liquor licence ”

Councillor Ken Ong, Chair of the MCC Building Committee addressed the meeting and confirmed that the MCC had also filed an appeal with VCAT against the decision to allow development in its current form.  Councillor Ong told the meeting that the development was a serious attack on the proposed Arden Macaulay Structure Plan that “only” permitted development to a height of 30 meters.  Cr Ong conducted a question and answer session with the meeting that focussed on the overdevelopment of the site.
Peter Hogg said that “if this development is permitted it will effectively create a precedent that will set the pattern for future development for the area.”
The meeting was told about three other developments proposed for the area that have yet to go through the planning process but seek to develop an additional 1,200 units of housing within a 1km radius of the Woolworths proposal.
Mr Hogg told the meeting that “if this type of development is permitted by Minister Guy then his Ministry should be changed from ‘Planning’ to ‘Development’, there is no way the State Government should allow this development without an explanation to the community as to how services and amenity, such as new schools and increased public transport, are going to  be provided.”

Peter Hogg is available for comment on 0400 784 779

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