Melbourne City Elections – Questions we asked the candidates

RAiD sent a questionnaire to all of the City of Melbourne Candidates and will review and collate the responses to questionnaire to help understand the elected candidates and to plan and strategise for a better planned neighbourhood. 

The 2016 City of Melbourne election for Lord Mayor and Councillors is by postal vote. Voting papers are to be mailed Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th October.  The ballot paper will identify the members of each candidate team; or refer to the Victorian Electoral Commission link at:

RAID@3051 Inc emailed the contact for each of the candidates in the City of Melbourne election with a request to respond by 30 September to four questions relating to:

  • provision of childcare and local government primary schools
  • provision of open space and sporting fields
  • strategies for maximising use of public transport and reducing traffic congestion
  • how they will engage in timely and meaningful consultation with the community and stakeholders.

To date about a dozen responses have been received form all the major contenders. RAID is a non–partisan organisation and does not endorse or comment on the responses received so at this point we wont be publishing the responses.