Action You Can Take

There are many things you can to help us achieve a better outcome for the residents of North Melbourne.

You can write a letter, send an email or down load a poster and share it with your neighbours. We have a list of contacts below and some tips such as the reference number of the planning case to help you with your letter, so get started but please remember to keep it nice.

The Minister for Planning The Honorable Mathew Guy. Matthew Guy is the decision maker

for this proposal

Quote Application reference number 2011/008241

Stae- Ref- ——-101-117 Canning St, North Melbourne

Applicant: Woolworths Property Ltd

Send copy of your email to to Adrian Salmon & Tania Crisafi

OR write to:

Minister for Planning

PO Box 2392, Melbourne VIC 3001

(copy letter to . Adrian Salmon, Assistant Director Statutory Approvals and Tania Crisafi, Senior Planning

You could also write to key members of Melbourne City Council

Melbournew City Council

When emailing / writing to the MCC Councillors use: Application reference number TPM-2011-18


101-117 Canning St, North Melbourne –Applicant: Woolworths Property Ltd

Email to: Councillors of the City of Melbourne: who will now be discussing this proposal at the October
planning committee meeting.

Robert Doyle –;

Susan Riley –;

Carl Jetter –;

Jennifer Kanis –;

Kevin Louey –;

Cathy Oke –;

Ken Ong –;

Brian Shanahan –;

Jackie Watts-

OR write to this mailing address for all Councillors:

City of Melbourne

GPO Box 1603, Melbourne VIC 3001

You could also Print and Share these RAID posters with your family, neighbours and work mates.

Listen to the 3051 Residents Woolies Poster A3 Poster Please Print

Listen to the residents of 3051 Woolies. RAID Poster A4 to Print & Share


Dear Neighbours – the Woolworth’s development is getting quite a bit of media coverage.  Two major items today – article in the AGE (p. 6) refer to online link noting that the photograph of the proposed development has been replaced by the Minister for Planning in the online version.  Channel 10 was on site this morning and a number of residents rallied at short notice and several people were interviewed.   Expecting to get coverage on tonight’s news program – understand it starts at 5.00 pm.  Eugene Arocco was interviewed on 3AW this morning – putting the NM football clubs position as supportive of residents’ concerns.  Peter Hogg – RAID spokesperson expects to be contacted / will be contacting additional media outlets and following up on those that have already given us some coverage.

1. Keep the story ‘hot’ by eg. letters to the Editor or an Opinion piece responding to the AGE or Melbourne Times article this week.
2. Keep those emails/letters going to the MCC Councillors and Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy
3. Attend the Woolworths initiated Information Evening next Thursday, October 13 at the NMFC, Arden St at 6.00 pm
4. Talk to your neighbours to make sure they are aware of the proposal and the opportunity to have a say.


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