About 3051-integrated

North Melbourne deserves better and Woolworths can do better!

We need Woolworths to work constructively  together with Residents, Melbourne City Council , State Government  to ensure Melbourne retains its status as the World’s Most Liveable City. Future developments should enhance Melbourne’s character as  well  integrated well planned, people friendly linked communities.

The Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan is currently actively being worked on by the City of Melbourne together with the State  Government and residents active support and input to achieve well=planed and integrated development

How can we build on  North Melbourne’s best features and still increase housing?

We can have a design  competition that fosters the best design by encouraging the best designs for creating community  sustainable integrated communities.   Good design integrates community service needs at the outset and minimises future social alienation. We do not want unplanned inappropriate development.   We can have low scale, dense well planned housing with street access and open space.



What we don’t need are high rise towers, cramped  spaces, that are not good accommodation. We do need to plan for the future- to think ahead  for children and develop readily accessible dwellings

We want developments that are do not overwhelm the infrastructure – eg overcrowded public transport, out-pouring of traffic onto already overcrowded inner cities residential  streets and key roads,

Woolworths would be tarnished with creating social problems and destroying Melbourne’s   livability if it were to build a tower or two without planning and working within good community design

To add people without planning for their current and future needs in terms of  child-care, schools community spaces, medical, aged care  and myriad other basic and resources


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