Breaking News 3051 July

A big week RAiDers, chilly winds are blowing across 3051.

It hass been confirmed another big development has been submitted to Council that will combined with 1 Sheil Street further over shadow Gardiners Reserve, in particular the play ground end. We will now have more than 140 apartments (so far) all of whose cars will exit on to the heavily used streets around the park, action to save our park coming soon.

Action is important as you don’t know what you have lost until it is gone. This view of the Park taken from playground equipment catalogue would be back dropped not by sky but a 30 meter wall of apartments along the park, no afternoon sun in winter like now while you watch the kids, like the linear park on Moonee Ponds Creek a view gone for ever, you can look back to a much lower density North Melbourne in 1928 in the image below.

West View of play ground in Gardiners Reserve N Melb image from the product catalogue

Western view of play ground in Gardiners Reserve N Melb

Image care of Wikimedia-The North Melbourne Gasometer1928

View of North Melbourne with a sneak peak of Garndiners Reserve in 1928 from image from WikiMedia online.

 In other breaking news, Australia Post is looking at redeveloping the Rosslynn Street WestMelbourne depo in a proposal that contains a whooping 501 apartments. Wonder if anyone is planning to build a school in the area shortly, or expand the gym, or make the pool 50 meters, build a new park, develop some age care or will we just keep adding people without facilities.

Finally the latest twist and turn concerning the North Melbourne Woolworths proposed development is that: the site which is up for sale has possibly been sold and an announcement is probable by 10 July. This would account for the frantic tidying up and boarding up reported on Facebook last week by eagle eyed & concerned RAiDers.

Rumour further has it that it has been sold at a loss from the purchase price, which when considered along with the development appeal legal costs and the holding costs for the site may explain why Red Capsicums are $7:99 or more a KG at their stores but less than $4:50 a KG at the North Melbourne IGA. News of these moves comes from deep in the Age article on the West Melbourne Post Office site of all places and not form Woolworths, The Minister for High Rise or the City Council. Here is a quote from The Age Online.

Last year supermarket giant Woolworths, despite bitter opposition from locals and the City of Melbourne, gained planning approval from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a supermarket and 300 apartments to be built in two high-rise towers in Canning Street, North Melbourne.

Woolworths put the site up for sale through CBRE’s Mark Wizel and Justin Dowers who confirmed that a transaction was imminent.

Fairfax Media previously reported it will change hands for more than $20 million.

A former lord mayor and chairman of North and West Melbourne Association, Kevin Chamberlin, said Australia Post should inform potential residents that the suburb lacked the infrastructure to support such large projects.

In further news today Thursday 10 July, Warehouse Number 5 at the bottom of Sutton Street is in the news as Solomon Lew wants to knock it down despite its heritage status.

They say their plans are for a car park? This seems a little odd given that it could only serve the station or maybe show grounds on a busy day & its value is estimated at $20 million. $20 million Car park, today, honest, apartment block tomorrow when its knocked down, surly no one would do that, would they?

Breaking news the Woolworths site for sale!

In breaking news after winning permission to build big, to build high, to sell liquor for extended hours Woolworths have nominated the site for sale with pre approved plans and an offer of a 20 year lease, wow. Would love to know the ins and outs of that move.

Here is the link to the commercial property page. Complete with the scary summary of just how many cars and apartments they have permission for.


Woolworths North Melbourne community struggle

After an 18 month battle with the community Woolworths have put up their North Melbourne site for sale to another developer!





June 14 Update from RAiD

Dear Neighbours – a quick update on the status of the post-VCAT decision.

1. As advised in RAID email update 48, VCAT released its decision on Friday, May 17, 2013 and recommended to approve the Woolworths development with no substantive changes to the features important to our community – the towers remain with no reduction in height; liquor availability conditions and sales are unchanged and the impact of the development on the community – transport, parking, traffic – was not considered to be significant.


2. Following this, an analysis of the VCAT decision was undertaken by Brand Partners, RAID’s pro bono legal team, who advised of potential points of law to be tested in the Supreme Court.  Given the nature and potential cost of such action RAID has liaised with the MCC to determine their position as to an appeal.  We have been advised that the MCC legal advice does not support an appeal to the Supreme Court.

3. Cr Ong as Chair of Council’s Planning Committee has agreed to provide a written response on Council’s position for circulation to the RAID community.

4. We are continuing to work with the MCC to ensure that the details in the VCAT decision, including the conditions identified, are accurately reflected in the report and are also discussing mitigation strategies associated with the recognised impact of the development eg. parking, traffic management.

5. RAID has sent out media releases to the Age, the Weekly and Leader.  Thank you to community members who attended the photo shoot for the local papers onsite on May 21.  Refer to the attached photo taken by a RAID member on the day.

We will continue to keep you posted on developments via email updates and the website.


Tess Demediuk

on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc.

Canning Street 3051

I found these pictures on Bing when looking for shots of North Melbourne there was no attribution on 79 Canning St but at RAiD 3051 we love to hear from anyone who can tell us anything about it. I note the low rise medium density housing has not be built yet. The other photo is from a government archive of a Red Rattle crossing Macaulay Road.

79 Canning St in days gone by we would love to know the story of this photo

79 Canning St in days gone by we would love to know the story of this photo

Macaulay Road Rail Crossing

Macaulay Road Rail Crossing

Chalk this one up to discontent with Woolworths

Well done, tell it how it is! Remember you can email us at for a poster for you or your neighbours , alternatively make your own protest about the towers. A tip from us is they are pretty hot on their trade mark and keep it a little bit nice it is after all North Melbourne and to quote Kath and Kim we are a bit more sophistimacated.

Canning Street residents against the Woolworths towers

Canning Street residents against the Woolworths towers

3051 Woolworths and Social Disadvantage

Woolworths seems to argue in their document CL 52 27 Canning St North Melbourne – that there is not /no significant social disadvantage in the target market area & that the planning application should consider the demographics of the whole Melbourne LGA. However this doesn’t stack up as the rest of the Melbourne LGA is well catered for with Woolworths supermarket outlets so we should look at the local area around Vaughan Terrace. I may be amateur and I admit I could be wrong or miss understanding them (more likely their high paid consultants).

The map clearly shows that the target market is largely Hotham Hill, North Melbourne & West Melbourne and not the Melbourne LGA as there are Woolworths catering for Carlton & Parkville (Lygon St) ,The City (QV) East Melbourne & City North (Smith St), Ascot Vale, Kennsington & Flemington (New Market) on top of this there is Aldi (City) Coles (City and Showgrounds), therefore the planning application and the measure of social disadvantage applicable to Liquor licensing, scale size etc should reflect this.

The redlines on the map are a 1.1 km  circle around the proposed location & it shows much of the area is industrial (no residents), transport corridor (no residents), parkland (no residents) & Hospitals. Many of the remaining volume of residents live on a small percentage of the land in higher density government housing the rest is mixed use residential, retail, office & industrial with the exception of Hotham Hill which is mostly residential.

The map shows all the hostels. Many hostels catering for drugs & alcohol effected people which is why we worry about the liquor license and the targeting of cheap packaged liquor to low income groups. It also shows the medical clinics that deal with alcohol drugs and mental health issues. I have also shown the packaged liquor outlets (baskets) and pubs .

Given the remaining areas that are not exclusively commission housing, industrial or park The target area is mixed office, retail and industrial.  The census tells us the household mix in the target area (750 meters North and West of the site & 1-2 km East and South East of the site) is characterized by low income commission housing residents, rental with a youth focus, student residential, an aging but shrinking remnant migrant population from Europe & Cantonese Chinese (both low income) and then upper income home owners and strata property owners and renters (who have younger profile). So what is Woolworths really up to here?

In the mean time until we know we need to look out for our neighbourhood and restrict the liquor license and size of the development to fit in with the neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be good if they could have a frank and honest conversation with MCC and the residents about what they are doing why and how it could be negotiated so everyone wins something.

View Woolworths North Melbourne location social disadvantage in a larger map

As our planned city threatens to spill into poorly structured chaos, there is hope.

As our planned city threatens to spill into poorly structured chaos, there is hope & inspiration in two places this Friday afternoon 23 Nov.

At the Victorian Archives in the shadow of Woolworths highly contested & controversial Canning St proposal for a supermarket with monster towers the Victorian Archives on Sheil St are running a free exhibition of the competition to design Canberra. The passion, forethought and quality are of the entrants are inspiring. Mr Guy should take a visit to the exhibition as 100 years latter Canberra is a very successful city which has grown from nothing to 350,000 while catering for it’s disparate citizens consistently over time how ever dysfunctional its politics have been or are at any time.


The Age Online Reporting Victorian Planning Issues

The Age Online Reporting Victorian Planning Issues


The other delightful consequence of the decent into adhoc planning chaos, like a new Western suburb with no bus or train ( laugh and the world laughs with you, weep in frustration and Minister will step over you) is that it has prompted some thoughtfull and informative discourse in media, none more so than todays Age Article by Norman Day titled Marvellous Melbourne, a city lived on the street, is in peril.

Up coming RAiD 3051 key events

RAiDers its diary time:

the big events on the horizon are the:


RAiD 3051 AGM

The AGM will be held at the North Melbourne Football Club on the 4th of Dec between 6-8 pm we are aiming to start at 630pm. More information and nomination forms to follow.

Mediation between RAiD 3051 & representatives of Woolworths, RAiD will be aiming to achieve a compromise on the size and scale of development proposed as well as the sale of liquor.

View the Arden Macaulay Planning Amendment at the Melbourne Town HallA Public Exhibition of the Planning Scheme and info session 22 November 6pm.

Arden Macaulay Public Workshop hosted by ArchiTeam Thursday, December 6, 2012 at the Young & Husband Building Kennsington.



What is to stop Woolies buying the pub and turning it over to pokies?

Disturbing e-mail doing the rounds at the moment based on a Get Up campaign.

It shows income derived from pokies in low income neighborhoods by the proposed developers of Canning St & Vaughan Tce , Woolworths.

The question you have to ask yourself apart from the appropriateness of the scale of the planning application for Vaughan Tce and Canning St is: do we want this the kind of organisation in our neighborhood?

They don’t seem to be playing with a straight bat. When you read the planning doc we recently accessed under the FOI laws they state that they don’t have room for a childcare centre,only 300 plus apartments 6 shops and a supermarket ( That is easy to fix, try dropping a few apartments from the plan) and that their liquor license to 11pm is consistent with the neighborhood. Seems like they are almost deliberately trying to put residents offside.

You can see the campaign here and judge for yourself if it has merit  GetUp Woolworth Profit from Poverty, not sure if I can put up the doc accessed under FOI I will seek advise as it alway to do the right thing.

If the facts in this Woolworths pokies campaign are true do we want them in N Melbourne.

If the facts in this Woolworths pokies campaign are true do we want them in N Melbourne.

RAiD 3051 vs Woolworths VCAT Oct update

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT

Dear Neighbours – items of update regarding action in the RAID VCAT appeal.

1.       Jane Good represented RAID @ 3051 Inc at a VCAT *Practice Day

Hearing* on September 21 and the following order was subsequently advised by VCAT Deputy President, Helen Gibson regarding hearing and mediation dates:

– *Mediation *(3 hours duration) set for *December 4 at 10.00 am*

– *Hearing *(only if the proceeding is not fully settled beforehand by consent or at mediation) *set for February 25th for seven days.*

Our *thanks to Jane Good* for her continued support and advocacy for the RAID position and liaison with Melbourne City Council who are also appellants at VCAT.

2.       The RAID Planning Group is working on *building an evidence base*to support the preferred position for better integrated development of a significantly lesser scale than what has been approved at this time.

This includes, but is not exclusive to, social infrastructure issues (provision of education, health and recreation services); availability of alcohol and the impact of packaged alcohol sales on communities; and traffic and parking issues generated by the proposed development.  RAID members are encouraged to provide any research reports, insights or expertise to assist with preparing the evidence.  Please respond by return email and we will follow up with you.

3.       Thank you for your support – our focus is on increasing our *membership*.  Attached is the membership form to download, fill in and drop off with $2.00 ($1.00 membership and $1.00 annual fee) to 42 Canning St.  Please provide an email address and confirmation that membership has been received will be provided.

4.       Thank you for *donations* that have been received.  We have a way to go in reaching our $10,000 target (as advised in email update 32) any contribution to assist us in moving closer to this target is very welcome.  Our case to VCAT will be best supported by engaging expert witnesses who can prepare and present a strong case and be cross-examined.

5.       Thank you to Kate Ritchie of Chin Communications Pty Ltd, a who has *translated the RAID flyer into a Chinese language.  *This will assist in providing information about the development to members of our diverse community.

6. The next steps and ongoing action include:

– RAID membership drive

– RAID posters are still available – put one up in your front window

– Make a donation to the RAID VCAT appeal

– Send your thoughts on a fund-raising event for late October/November

and your availability to assist in planning the event

– Let us know if you have expertise in any of the grounds of appeal

areas. *Your ongoing support is vital.  We look forward to your feedback*.

Keep up-to-date by referring to the RAID @3051 website –