Save the Park 114-116 Haines Street Application -10 storey complex, ,31 apartments 23 car parks.

The final assault on the westerly afternoon sun on Gardiners Reserve is now in play.
114-116 Haines Street North Melbourne 3051. RAiD says, too big too high, too dense, too much loss of light.

114-116 Haines Street North Melbourne 3051. RAiD says, too big too high, too dense, too much loss of light.

The owners of the Microwave Man in Haines Street (opposite Gardiner Reserve) have put in an application for a 10 storey complex with 31 apartments and 23 car spaces.
Please object to this development which will overshadow the park. Objections close 21 November (as per the attached picture).
Planning application number TP 2014-419
Let your local election candidates know we are VERY un happy about the planning process and absence of vision at State Level. We broadly accept medium density and development, but it must be infrastructure and services driven, 23 car spaces, who misses out and what is to stop them parking on street?
Get angry, get vocal 3051.

Update 1 Shiel St development.

Dear RAIDers – disappointing outcome from last night’s FMC meeting – Council approved the development without change or recognition of the issues raised.

Old View 2013

Image from Planning Permit TP-2014-115 for 1 Shiel St North Melbourne 3051

Planning Permit TP-2014-115 for 1 Shiel St North Melbourne 3051

New Son of 2013 next to the purple monster in 2014.

1 Shiel Street the new version 2014, note next door bulk and absence of a 15 meter 5 Shiel St development.

Newly approved by MCC, 1 Shiel Street the new version 2014, note next door bulk and absence of a 15 meter 5 Shiel St development.


  • This was Council’s opportunity to put into practice their policy with regard to parks, amenity, height limits, planning gain and they failed at the first hurdle.

We appreciated that Rohan Leppert spoke against the Motion and foreshadowed  an alternative Motion (supported by Cathy Oke) – to reduce the level by one storey – ‘deletion of level 3 or 4’ to conform with C190 ie 10.5 and 14.0 metres.  This did not get to be put to the vote as the original Motion was carried 7 to 2 (Leppert and Oke).

The RAiD committee will meet Sunday night to prepare for the new Residential Zone Panel Hearing scheduled for mid September and to discuss other matters.

Woods 5 Shiel Street, Next for high rise? Will the MCC listen to residents?

Woods 5 Shiel Street, Next for high rise? Will the MCC listen to residents?

Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance or IMPA is coming

As dissatisfaction with the community’s ability to have a valid and equal hearing with regard to planning outcomes at either, a City wide or State level grows the patch work of local groups with a neighbourhood or niche interests in planning are co a lessing around the newly formed IMPA. The Inner Melbourne Planning Association is a group with both strong professional connections as well community roots that may help swing the current asymmetrical battle between big , huge, larger or multi national and Ministerial vision projects back into a little more balance with residents aspirations. This will be a topic on the next RAiD meeting agenda. Kensington has recently expressed support as show in the online record of their Nov 2013 meeting. Follow the link here Kensington Association IMPA Nov 2013.

Derby Day Tunnel Protest

Protest the East West Tunnel Development on Derby Day. Date: Saturday 02 November Time :from 1030, Location; on the City side of Racecourse Road and by the Quest Hotel Epsom Road. Dress code: black & white more Details:

Protest the EastWest link 02 Nov 2013

Protest the EastWest link 02 Nov 2013

RAID Aug 19

Big thanks to all those who attended the meeting on a windy 3051 Sunday night. Great discussions on:

The 1 Sheil St development

The C190 plans for the neighbourhood

The East West Alliance

Further action on developing our ties with the sitting councillors

and of course keeping the follow up to the VCAT process in which we invested so much time, emotion, effort and your donations accountable. As many of you out there know losing the planning battle is often just the beginning of the adventure and that the process of keeping the build accountable is some times the long game.

We will post a committee approved update latter in the week.

June 14 Update from RAiD

Dear Neighbours – a quick update on the status of the post-VCAT decision.

1. As advised in RAID email update 48, VCAT released its decision on Friday, May 17, 2013 and recommended to approve the Woolworths development with no substantive changes to the features important to our community – the towers remain with no reduction in height; liquor availability conditions and sales are unchanged and the impact of the development on the community – transport, parking, traffic – was not considered to be significant.


2. Following this, an analysis of the VCAT decision was undertaken by Brand Partners, RAID’s pro bono legal team, who advised of potential points of law to be tested in the Supreme Court.  Given the nature and potential cost of such action RAID has liaised with the MCC to determine their position as to an appeal.  We have been advised that the MCC legal advice does not support an appeal to the Supreme Court.

3. Cr Ong as Chair of Council’s Planning Committee has agreed to provide a written response on Council’s position for circulation to the RAID community.

4. We are continuing to work with the MCC to ensure that the details in the VCAT decision, including the conditions identified, are accurately reflected in the report and are also discussing mitigation strategies associated with the recognised impact of the development eg. parking, traffic management.

5. RAID has sent out media releases to the Age, the Weekly and Leader.  Thank you to community members who attended the photo shoot for the local papers onsite on May 21.  Refer to the attached photo taken by a RAID member on the day.

We will continue to keep you posted on developments via email updates and the website.


Tess Demediuk

on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc.

Killing me softly?

Not much to report except that there is a planning application notice up on the Woolworths site regarding the removal of the covenant. This is the covenant that humbled & de-railed the Woollworths VCAT “tour de force”, it showed no matter how much money you throw at something and how many lawyers you have, it is alway good to pay attention to details when you do your home work.
The hearing at the MCC Planning is set for the 17th of April, so I assume we can all object if we would like. Go down and have a read of it it. The most visible one is on the Boundary Road Street frontage opposite the smash repair centre. You have the right to contact the councillors and let them know you expect them to use their leverage on behalf of the community and at a minimum to bring the project into line with the structure plan.

The notice looks like this sample from Darebin.

Sample planning notice - plan app 3
Assuming the MCC let the covenant go in one shape or another then it is back to VCAT to make a ruling.
In the mean tine enjoy the newly reopened Arden St Oval, a cricket ground with no nets ! It does look special in Autumn as always.

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT

3051 Woolworths and Social Disadvantage

Woolworths seems to argue in their document CL 52 27 Canning St North Melbourne – that there is not /no significant social disadvantage in the target market area & that the planning application should consider the demographics of the whole Melbourne LGA. However this doesn’t stack up as the rest of the Melbourne LGA is well catered for with Woolworths supermarket outlets so we should look at the local area around Vaughan Terrace. I may be amateur and I admit I could be wrong or miss understanding them (more likely their high paid consultants).

The map clearly shows that the target market is largely Hotham Hill, North Melbourne & West Melbourne and not the Melbourne LGA as there are Woolworths catering for Carlton & Parkville (Lygon St) ,The City (QV) East Melbourne & City North (Smith St), Ascot Vale, Kennsington & Flemington (New Market) on top of this there is Aldi (City) Coles (City and Showgrounds), therefore the planning application and the measure of social disadvantage applicable to Liquor licensing, scale size etc should reflect this.

The redlines on the map are a 1.1 km  circle around the proposed location & it shows much of the area is industrial (no residents), transport corridor (no residents), parkland (no residents) & Hospitals. Many of the remaining volume of residents live on a small percentage of the land in higher density government housing the rest is mixed use residential, retail, office & industrial with the exception of Hotham Hill which is mostly residential.

The map shows all the hostels. Many hostels catering for drugs & alcohol effected people which is why we worry about the liquor license and the targeting of cheap packaged liquor to low income groups. It also shows the medical clinics that deal with alcohol drugs and mental health issues. I have also shown the packaged liquor outlets (baskets) and pubs .

Given the remaining areas that are not exclusively commission housing, industrial or park The target area is mixed office, retail and industrial.  The census tells us the household mix in the target area (750 meters North and West of the site & 1-2 km East and South East of the site) is characterized by low income commission housing residents, rental with a youth focus, student residential, an aging but shrinking remnant migrant population from Europe & Cantonese Chinese (both low income) and then upper income home owners and strata property owners and renters (who have younger profile). So what is Woolworths really up to here?

In the mean time until we know we need to look out for our neighbourhood and restrict the liquor license and size of the development to fit in with the neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be good if they could have a frank and honest conversation with MCC and the residents about what they are doing why and how it could be negotiated so everyone wins something.

View Woolworths North Melbourne location social disadvantage in a larger map

Developments in Progress in 3051

I posted this on our Facebook page recently. The scale of what is going on at the moment is amazing & much of it is in front of the Minister not the main planning body the City Council and this it what concerns us. The Minister approves development but the Council plans and delivers services and they need to talk. Here is the post.

This is what is on at the moment in North & West Melbourne and this is with out all the little ones, did you notice 27 Erskine (application rejected) has something going on.

Flemington Road (crn Blackwood St): 400 new apartments in 3 “towers” ranging in height from 13 stories to 7. This being dealt with by DPCD as it is so huge.

17 Racecourse Road, 7 stories, 66 apratments plus retail at ground level. This proposal has a 6 star energy rating. This being dealt with by the MCC.

371-379 Spencer Street West Melbourne: 750 apartments, 2 towers 39 stories and 29 stories. This is also being dealt with by DPCD.

The big Alfred Street development (520 apartments) and the other Racecourse Road development (90 apartments).

Our issues at RAiD are about height, density and the need for investment in social, eductaional, transport and recreational infrastructure not stopping progress.

Public Meeting reminder tonight 27 Aug 6pm at the North Melbourne Rec Centre Arden St.

North Melbourne is buzzing this morning with great weekend weather, a sniff of spring and finals fever building, you would have though North had won yesterday judging by the blue and white scarfs in Errol Street this morning.

Don’t forget to tell your friends and neighbours about the public meeting tonight at 6pm. The meeting will be at the North Melbourne Recreation Centre on Arden Street, we will be upstairs. Peter Hogg will chair and we will try to keep it short and focused as we know its Monday and people are busy.

A very big thanks to everyone who dropped meeting leaflets in letter boxes over the last week, the committee very much appreciates your effort.

We are very excited about the participation of Melbourne City Councillors from all sides of politics who will attend our meeting tonight, at RAiD we aim to give everyone a respectful chance to have their say as a range of views exist in the community.

RAiD 3051 alternative proposal with no tower and restricted liquor license

RAiD 3051 alternative Woolworths supermarket proposal with no tower a restricted liquor license the same as the current Melrose Street traders licenses.

See you tonight at 6 for those of you who dont have a copy of the flyer here it is below.





Hosted by RAiD @ 3051 Inc


DATE Monday 27 August 2012

TIME: Start @ 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm


VENUE: North Melbourne Recreation Centre, enter via the main entrance in Arden St and follow signage to the Theatrette on the 1st level



The purpose of the information session is to:

  1. provide an update on the Minister’s decision and the process ahead of us
  2. consider the Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan process and the implications for this proposal
  3. advise on action taken to date and
  4. hear from the community as to the future action that needs to be taken.


RAiD is appealing the decision at VCAT.
The grounds of appeal will be outlined by Peter Hogg, chair of RAiD @ 3051 Inc


Cr Ken Ong, Chair of MCC Planning Committee,
will address the meeting on why Melbourne City Council is appealing at VCAT re Minister Guy’s decision to grant Woolworth’s development application.


It is understood that other community groups and individuals may also be lodging appeals against the decision.


Come and have your voice heard on Monday, August 27 AT 6.00 pm at NMRC.

On July 27, 2012 the Victorian Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, as the responsible planning authority, provided Woolworths with approval to build two residential towers totalling 302 apartments on top of a four level podium housing a supermarket, shops and car park on the corner of Canning Street, Vaughan Terrace and Macaulay Road, North Melbourne.The proposal includes a bottle shop with permission to sell liquor between the hours of 7am and 11pm. This is incongruous with a Vic Health (2011) report on the proximity and sale of liquor and the prevalence of alcohol-related violence.The provision of open space is minimal and further compromises the amenity of the site as a residential development. The taller of the 2 towers is proposed to be of a height of 55 meters. This exceeds the Melbourne City Council’s – Arden Macaulay Structure Plan (AMSP)* which proposes a limit of 20 to 30 meters for that site. The Structure Plan among other things, attempts to balance the scale and nature of future development with required community assets and services.


RAiD @ 3051 Inc.

RAiD is an incorporated community based organisation made up of residents seeking quality outcomes from planning affecting residents of 3051.

RAiD was established in September 2011 by a group of residents in North Melbourne who initially came together over the Woolworths development proposal. Although this proposal is the primary concern of RAiD we are also concerned re increased building approvals without any commensurate increased services to deal with the impact of population growth on transport, education, health services and social infrastructure and service delivery. We are not opposed to urban consolidation.  RAiD is about integrated development. RAiD believes all future development in the AMSP zone needs to be accompanied by an investment in community assets and services.

Since forming, over 130 people have joined as members of RAiD and many more are on a newsletter email list.


Points of contact:

* Melbourne City Council‘s Arden-Macaulay Structure Plan (AMSP is focused on the proposed development of the area resulting in an additional 25,000 to 30,000 residents over the next 10 to 30 years.  For details refer to