Woollworths North Melbourne SIte under offer

Canning Street & Vaughan Terrace site of the proposed Woolworths towers development 305

Canning Street & Vaughan Terrace site of the proposed Woolworths towers development 3051 is under offer.

The Canning Street site is now “under offer”, let us hope the new owners will work together with the local residents and Woolworths to develop the site and super market in a manner that better meets every ones needs. You cant stop development in most cases as the argument for increased density in the inner city is strong but you can work to make it better for everyone. Looking forward to hearing some news.

RAiD 3051 Easter 2014 update

Dear Neighbours – an update on recent activities and some upcoming events of interest

  1. The RAID AGM held on Wednesday, March 26 at the NMFC Auditorium was attended by nearly 30 members with apologies registered for a similar number.  Key points from the AGM included:

Chairman’s report covering the following:

  • Report on RAID’s strong and credible campaign at VCAT in early 2013 and RAID’s ongoing oversight in monitoring the Woolworths development and other developments in the local area to highlight direct and indirect impacts on amenity and infrastructure shortfalls.
  • Acknowledgement of the ongoing support and generous donations from RAID members, supporters, local community and the largely probono legal representation provided by Jane Good, Brand Partners in preparing the RAID case at VCAT and Ian Munt in presenting our case over 5 days at VCAT;
  • Recognition of the support of the City of Melbourne generally and current and previous Councillors – current Crs, Oke& Ong and previous Crs Kanis  & Shanahan – at VCAT;
  • Recent contact made with Woolworths as to the status of the proposed development.  It is noted that the site has been advertised ‘for sale by tender’ with a closing date of mid April.  The conditions of sale are a 20-year lease back of the supermarket component to Woolworths;
  • Members present supported RAID’s membership of the newly formed Inner Melbourne Planning Alliance (IMPA).  This is an umbrella group formed to attempt to provide better leverage with government, developers and local councils for the community and to act as a source of information for local community planning groups.

Treasurer’s report: Peter Keogh presented a comprehensive financial report advising that combined membership and donations to the VCAT appeal totalled just under $10,000 thanks to our generous members and donors.  With expenses paid RAID commences the financial year post the AGM with approximately $300.00. in the bank..

Committee members elected at the AGM were: Tess Demediuk (Secretary), Lorna Hannan, Peter Hogg (Chair), Peter Keogh (Treasurer), Marg Leser and Peter Topping.

Please do not hesitate to make contact should you wish to join the committee.

Renewal of membership: attached is both a membership renewal form and a form for new members.  Please download the appropriate form, fill in, include your membership fee – $1.00 for renewal or $2.00 (joining fee and membership fee) for new memberships and send to PO Box 2007, Hotham Hill or drop off at 42 Canning Street.

  1. RAID Chair, Peter Hogg, presented to the East West Link Panel Hearing on Tuesday, April 1 and argued that the proposal in its present form fails the evidence based design test in the following ways and should not proceed at this time without further investigation:

·         Cost benefit analysis is not robust

·         Inconsistencies in air quality predictions

·         The Urban Design Framework used is inadequate and misleading

·         Further work is required and additional options explored and costed

·         Further investigation into the impact on remnant natural ecosystems eg. Moonee Ponds Creek, is required

·         Further exploration of negative impacts on local amenity and environment required.

  1. City of Melbourne (CoM) changes to Residential Zoning – this is an important development initiated by the Victorian Government which could significantly impact on the current zoning arrangements across Melbourne.  The new Residential Zones will determine the type of residential development and types of activities that will be allowed in residential areas, what areas can accommodate housing growth and where existing neighbourhood character will be protected.  There are three new residential zones with the CoM Officers proposing the whole municipality be zoned General Residential:

·         Neighbourhood Residential Zone – limits housing growth and density

·         General Residential Zone – allows modest housing growth and diversity that respects the neighbourhood character

·         Residential Growth Zone – supports housing growth and diversity.

For more information and to provide feedback access melbourne.vic.gov.au/participate or contact the CoM on 9658 9658.

A meeting, hosted by the North and West Melbourne Association (N&WMA) is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15 at 6.30 pm at the Bastow Institute, 601 Queensberry St (enter from Union St).  David Mayes, Manager Strategic Planning at City of Melbourne, will be presenting on the New Residential Zones.  Take this opportunity to hear directly from CoM staff and to raise any concerns you have about the potential impact of the proposed new Residential Zones.

4.       Other developments – RAID members are advised that a recent planning permit for 1 Shiel St, North Melbourne has been submitted to Council.  This site was subject to a planning application of 6 storeys – which was approved by the City of Melbourne in 2013.  Note that RAID submitted an objection to the 6 storey development on the grounds of height and scale amongst other matters. The new application is understood to be for a 10 storey development – we will keep you informed if the application progresses.

5.      RAID has been asked to advise its members that a new community group has come together under the banner – NWMelbourne – to specifically take action on the proposed development by Eighth Day Baptist Community Property Ltd which has lodged a planning permit application with the City of Melbourne for 4 multi-level residential apartment buildings of 4, 5 and 6 storeys each, a large function hall and a retail shop for the site bounded by Miller, Curzon, King and Hawke Streets in West Melbourne. If this is approved the building will be up to 21 metres in height – the site is at the south end of Errol Street.  Information about the group and for registering an objection to this West Melbourne development is on their website – refer to http://nwmelbourne.com

We look forward to your continued support and would be pleased to receive your suggestions and feedback.



T D on behalf of RAID @ 3051 Inc

News 25 June – NWMA meeting & West Melbourne Sub Station.

West Melbourne terminal station

RAiD members went to a NWMA meeting where SP Ausnet and their architects Denton Corker Marshall presented their design for the upgrade of the West Melbourne terminal station in Arden Street next to the Moonee Ponds Creek. The design for the new substation is pretty funky and  includes some land given over to public open space. Given  how unattractive the current substation looks the new one will be a big improvement and we told the architects and SP Ausnet as much.

Redevelopment of the West Melbourne Substation could include public land.

Redevelopment of the West Melbourne Substation could include public land.

 Community Forum

The Community Alliance of Port Phillip (CAPP) together with Port People (PP), Beacon Cove Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) and Port 2 Port, are hosting a Forum on the future of the Fisherman’s Bend Urban Renewal Area. The forum will bring together planning and development experts with community activists to provide information and assistance on the Fishermans Bend Development.

When: Sunday 7th July
Time: 2-5pm
Location:South Melbourne Commons (Crn Bank and Montague Sts South Melbourne)

For more information go to the following webpage: http://www.capp.org.au/news/cappnews150613.html

Panelists include
• Dr Darragh O’Brien (principal), Architectural Research Consultancy, http://www.arcpl.com.au
• Francis Grey, economist, http://www.ecolarge.com/aboutus/team/
• Dr Kate Shaw, geographer, Melbourne University, http://www.findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/display/person1533
• Dr Rory Hyde, Unsolicited Architecture, Melbourne University, http://roryhyde.com/blog/
• Robert Pradolin, General Manager Australand, Residential Victoria, http//www.zoominfo.com/p/Robert-Pradolin/411433269

Moderator: Peter Mares, writer, researcher, and former ABC broadcaster.

Big thanks to our donor who seeks no acknowledgement.
A serial donor to RAID has generously donated $500 for our legal team and for all their good works!

3051 Woolworths and Social Disadvantage

Woolworths seems to argue in their document CL 52 27 Canning St North Melbourne – that there is not /no significant social disadvantage in the target market area & that the planning application should consider the demographics of the whole Melbourne LGA. However this doesn’t stack up as the rest of the Melbourne LGA is well catered for with Woolworths supermarket outlets so we should look at the local area around Vaughan Terrace. I may be amateur and I admit I could be wrong or miss understanding them (more likely their high paid consultants).

The map clearly shows that the target market is largely Hotham Hill, North Melbourne & West Melbourne and not the Melbourne LGA as there are Woolworths catering for Carlton & Parkville (Lygon St) ,The City (QV) East Melbourne & City North (Smith St), Ascot Vale, Kennsington & Flemington (New Market) on top of this there is Aldi (City) Coles (City and Showgrounds), therefore the planning application and the measure of social disadvantage applicable to Liquor licensing, scale size etc should reflect this.

The redlines on the map are a 1.1 km  circle around the proposed location & it shows much of the area is industrial (no residents), transport corridor (no residents), parkland (no residents) & Hospitals. Many of the remaining volume of residents live on a small percentage of the land in higher density government housing the rest is mixed use residential, retail, office & industrial with the exception of Hotham Hill which is mostly residential.

The map shows all the hostels. Many hostels catering for drugs & alcohol effected people which is why we worry about the liquor license and the targeting of cheap packaged liquor to low income groups. It also shows the medical clinics that deal with alcohol drugs and mental health issues. I have also shown the packaged liquor outlets (baskets) and pubs .

Given the remaining areas that are not exclusively commission housing, industrial or park The target area is mixed office, retail and industrial.  The census tells us the household mix in the target area (750 meters North and West of the site & 1-2 km East and South East of the site) is characterized by low income commission housing residents, rental with a youth focus, student residential, an aging but shrinking remnant migrant population from Europe & Cantonese Chinese (both low income) and then upper income home owners and strata property owners and renters (who have younger profile). So what is Woolworths really up to here?

In the mean time until we know we need to look out for our neighbourhood and restrict the liquor license and size of the development to fit in with the neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be good if they could have a frank and honest conversation with MCC and the residents about what they are doing why and how it could be negotiated so everyone wins something.

View Woolworths North Melbourne location social disadvantage in a larger map

RAiD 3051 vs Woolworths VCAT Oct update

RAiD 3051 Woolworth appeal VCAT appeal case

RAiD 3051 a small North Melbourne residents group standing up for integrated planning and good social outcomes for North Melbourne residents is in VCAT

Dear Neighbours – items of update regarding action in the RAID VCAT appeal.

1.       Jane Good represented RAID @ 3051 Inc at a VCAT *Practice Day

Hearing* on September 21 and the following order was subsequently advised by VCAT Deputy President, Helen Gibson regarding hearing and mediation dates:

– *Mediation *(3 hours duration) set for *December 4 at 10.00 am*

– *Hearing *(only if the proceeding is not fully settled beforehand by consent or at mediation) *set for February 25th for seven days.*

Our *thanks to Jane Good* for her continued support and advocacy for the RAID position and liaison with Melbourne City Council who are also appellants at VCAT.

2.       The RAID Planning Group is working on *building an evidence base*to support the preferred position for better integrated development of a significantly lesser scale than what has been approved at this time.

This includes, but is not exclusive to, social infrastructure issues (provision of education, health and recreation services); availability of alcohol and the impact of packaged alcohol sales on communities; and traffic and parking issues generated by the proposed development.  RAID members are encouraged to provide any research reports, insights or expertise to assist with preparing the evidence.  Please respond by return email and we will follow up with you.

3.       Thank you for your support – our focus is on increasing our *membership*.  Attached is the membership form to download, fill in and drop off with $2.00 ($1.00 membership and $1.00 annual fee) to 42 Canning St.  Please provide an email address and confirmation that membership has been received will be provided.

4.       Thank you for *donations* that have been received.  We have a way to go in reaching our $10,000 target (as advised in email update 32) any contribution to assist us in moving closer to this target is very welcome.  Our case to VCAT will be best supported by engaging expert witnesses who can prepare and present a strong case and be cross-examined.

5.       Thank you to Kate Ritchie of Chin Communications Pty Ltd, a who has *translated the RAID flyer into a Chinese language.  *This will assist in providing information about the development to members of our diverse community.

6. The next steps and ongoing action include:

– RAID membership drive

– RAID posters are still available – put one up in your front window

– Make a donation to the RAID VCAT appeal

– Send your thoughts on a fund-raising event for late October/November

and your availability to assist in planning the event

– Let us know if you have expertise in any of the grounds of appeal

areas. *Your ongoing support is vital.  We look forward to your feedback*.

Keep up-to-date by referring to the RAID @3051 website –


RAiD News 25 June Solstice Edition

Welcome to the RAiD winter warmer news up date, there are six items of update on the latest in our campaign news letter as we continue in our quest for a better quality of development in 3051.

  1. Status of Woolworths decision: there is still no decision from the Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy on the Woolworths proposal.  There has been no further information available to us on the status of the decision.  We are aware that both the Shadow Minister for Planning, Brian Tee and Greg Barber, Greens Upper House member are alert to the proposal.


  1. Report from RAID street stall on Saturday, June 16: was most successful in attracting an additional 15 membership sign-ups and a great deal of discussion about the specific Woolworths proposal and broader development proposals and their impact on services, parking, traffic etc. Attached is the updated information flyer distributed at the stall.  An initiative of one of the volunteers was a raffle (a bottle of red wine) which was won by David who works locally.  A further street stall is planned for Melrose Street shops in the coming weeks and possible translation of the information flyer into community languages.  A fuerther update will be provided along with a request for volunteers to participate on the day when arrangments are confirmed.


  1. By-election scheduled for Saturday, July 21st:- Meet the Candidates – a forum has been advertised for Monday, July 9th at 7.00 pm in the Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston Street, Carlton.  This is an opportunity to ask a question of the candidates as to their view on planning in the inner suburbs.


  1. Melbourne Metro (refer to web details at: ptv.vic.gov.au/melbournemetro): Peter Topping is prepared to apply to be a member of the Melbourne Metro Community Reference Group on behalf of RAID.  The RAID position at this early stage of the process, and with limited information to consider, is a general one of support for public transport; and the persistent message of integration of services including with the existing public transport network.  Should Peter be successful in his application to the reference group, he will both raise issues from the RAID membership and advise of matters from the reference group requiring community input.  Volunteers to form a support group to Peter in this role would be most welcome.   


  1. RAID in the press: the June edition of the North and West Melbourne News (N&WMN) featured an article about RAID Inc – its purpose and activities over the past 10 months.  The article provides a succinct summary of the issues, the RAID position and the outcomes to date, including the Melbourne City Council’s disapproval of the proposal in its current form and the formation of a City of Melbourne committee traffic management working party for this local area.

    News from RAiD 3051 on the proposed Woolworths High rise development

    RAiD 3051 residents community news on Woolworths proposal & planning in 3051

Happy Labour Day Long Weekend Update.

Wether we are pausing to reflect on Labour day or just enjoying the long weekend it is great to know that other people are in the same situation as us. When looking for RAiD online I found the trail of this anti Woolworths development in Northern NSW. They seem to have gone for the all out confrontation (which is always an option if things go ugly) but it does indicate the day to day disruption caused by the development itself. Here is their website link http://www.mullumaction.org/home.html

What I did find via their website which is a must see is the ABC Hungry Beast feature on the Coles Woolworths duopoly. It is scary viewing if it is all true & still scary even if it is only half true especially for the future of the 3 local IGAs and the 2 Foodworks supermarkets in the area which are for the most part locally owned.

Woolworth Coles Duopoly as seen in the ABC Hungry Beast Intro

Woolworth Coles Duopoly as seen in the ABC Hungry Beast

Incase you cant ge this to play here are some other links to it.